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Connecting a wireless printer to upgraded router

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Was recently sent a new router. Have managed to connect all devices (iPhone, laptop, smart tv) etc to it but have tried without success for a week to connect a hp wireless printer (worked perfectly with old router) tried troubleshooting suggestions including resetting both router and printer and today resorted to buying a new printer and still have same issue. Any advice appreciated. Printer setup seems to show that printer is connected router as showing correct SSID. 


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Oh god, wireless printers are a pain in the backside.


I often find that you have to manually configure the device, its IP etc etc, another issue seems to come when a wireless printer is moved or connects to a new network where you have to configure the IP address again manually otherwise it won't work.


This Article here provides the solution to what I believe to be the most common issue regarding wireless printers. I don't have one on my current network so I wasn't able to document the steps but I believe the method linked above is correct.


Looking back over your question, the issue is almost definitely that your OS has the drivers and correct software installed, but it doesn't know the address to find the actual printer on your network (which will be Identify the IP address of your printer and then set it up using the link above.

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I just bought a new WiFi printer. It’s an Epsom so can’t say if yours has the same features; mine has a work around where you can connect devices directly to the printer without the need for a router as it has its own built in WiFi hub.

It’s called ‘WiFi Direct’ this makes it easy to connects Apple products and phones (but also regular computers and devices) directly to it. Check if it has a ‘WiFi Direct’ setting. If you activate it, it will broadcast its own network name and act like a router that your devices connect to directly so bypassing the router all together.
Once I downloaded the printer software to my devices they connect to it automatically to send print jobs.

The other thing I hat generally happens with a new printer is a firmware update that corrects all the initial problems that series when it’s first released. It needs to be connected to the internet though to check and download any updates. It’s a bit of a pain but I would suggest using a network cable to connect the printer directly into your router. You’ve probably got one laying about somewhere, if it’s short then your gonna have to lug the printer to the modem to plug it in.
I’m a bit of a geek so make my own and use them for devices like the TV where I want a rock solid connection.
Once the printer is physically plugged into the router or alternatively plugged into a computer via the USB port it will be able to call home for any updates which could fix this problem.

WiFi direct works wonders for my portable devices but you do really want the printer connected to the internet for updates and cloud printing services so you need that connection to the router. You could also try assigning the IP address manually (if you know your routers IP address). The other issue I have found with connecting IoT devices is the channel the router is set on may not be available on the printer so try G channels below 11 and 5ghz channels below 100. But I would definitely connect it to a computer via USB and then check for any updates first. Hope this helps.
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Many other members also reporting this same problem without a resolution.

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