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Ethernet issue resolved

Enlightened One
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I am not sure if this will be of any interest, but I recently had a problem trying to connect a D-Link GO-SW-5g gigabit ethernet switch to a TP-LInk AC750 WiFi adapter. Basically the two appeared incompatible. I knew that the recently bought switch was okay as it worked fine when connected directly to my router, which has gigabit ports, but it would not talk to the AC750. After much thought and trial and error the solution was to use a 2 pair ethernet cable between the two devices rather than the more usual 4 pair. I assume that the problem was caused by the AC750 operating at 100Mbs and the GO-SW-5g being capable of gigabit working. While you would not expect this to be a problem it seems that it was. I had seen a similar issue reported elsewhere on the internet between a Sky router and the D-Link switch. Since using the 2 pair cable there have been no issues and the switch seems to work perfectly.


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Many thanks for your reply. I have been in touch with D-Link and they asked me to retry the ports with a 4 pair cable as this is not a known fault. When I repeated my tests I could not reproduce the problem which means that I am left to assume that I was using a "dodgy" cable and because it was the first time I had used the switch I concluded that it was a switch fault. My mistake! Something else to put down to experience.


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8 port under my desk is rev. C1,  the 2 5-ports are C1 and B1, last 8-port one in my loft I can't get to, but is likely C1 as well.




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Just as a matter of interest what h/w version are your devices? My GO-SW-5G/B is version D2. Also thanks for the tip about the power lead, I may well take up that suggestion.


Stay safe,




Wise Owl
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Interesting experience.  I have 4 of those switches in my network, 2 5-port and 2 8-port with multiple devices connected at different speeds and never seen this behaviour.


I like these switches as you can get a USB-barrel power cable (LINDY 1.5m USB to 2.1mm Inner / 5.5mm Outer DC Cable)

and use an always on USB port on the connected device to power it, removing a power brick and freeing up a socket!