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Is TalkTalk broadband any good? And is FibreOptic worth it?

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First off, thanks for all the guidance this sub has given me since I moved to the UK. Great group of really helpful people. I'd love any advice you have on picking a broadband provider All we want is broadband, not TV or a landline. Uswitch recommends some TalkTalk deals and I'm wondering if that company is good. It's a £16.70 line rental for just broadband, and no other charges. There are slightly more expensive deals from Virgin, BT, and PlusNet as well. I've heard good things about Virgin, but I don't know TalkTalk's reputation. Also, we have a landline installed already. Does it matter which company installed it, i.e will we need to pay to use a different company? The other option seems to be getting Fibre Optic with any of the above companies. We'll mostly be using Netflix with some online gaming as well. Is going Fibre Optic going to cost a lot for install, and is it worth the higher rate?

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I knew that!  😜


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Both of you are correct, the proper name for it is a 'hybrid fibre' connection..... If your interested 🙂



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Yep @ferguson  is absolutely correct but it was only way I could think of to try to simplify the options between Openreach & independant network providers.



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Virgin Media is not FTTP, they operate from cabinets in a similar way to Openreach, but their link to the home is carried by a rather more robust coaxial cable compared to the traditional copper twisted pair.

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So Companies like Virgin (there are a few alternatives) use their own network infrastructure (FTTP). The vast majority of ISPs including TalkTalk, Sky, Plusnet, Timico, etc use Openreach infrastructure. If you have a phone line then that's more than likely Openreach so you have BT or any of the LLU services to chose from. If you want to go Virgin then its not through your BT phone line so you would need to check if you have a virgin connection at or close to your property.


At £16.70 I'm guessing that's an ADSL broadband connection which isn't going to impress you for Netflix & gaming, you need a fibre connection. Or if available where you live an FTTP connection.


I've had contracts with most of the  FTTC providers and in my experience TalkTalk has been the most stable and gives me the lowest latency (pings) although the bandwith I get is slightly lower than other providers. For gaming ping is what matters and unless you have lots of devices connected a 40/10 line will do all you need.


Offers vary but you should be able to get a TakTalk fibre including line rental for about £ 25 a month, their super fast is only a couple of £ more but only worth it if your copper line from the OR box in the street can support it.


All ISPs will give you estimates of what speed you can expect so try all their web sites but realistically you need fibre (FTTC or FTTP) for netflix & gaming.


Quality of service between ISPs can vary depending on where you are but for me TalkTalk has been the best option.


Hope this helps.




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You should try Google, other search engines are available.