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New WiFi Hub as Repeater

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I currently have an Asus Router connected to the phone line for the features it provides, however the Wireless signal on the new WiFi hub was so impressive, I decided to set it up as a repeater by connecting the Asus Router LAN port to the WiFi hub LAN port (and disabled a few things like DHCP). I do this, rather than connect to WAN so the Hub doesn't isolate devices from those on the Asus router. and it is working great.


However I was looking at where the Hub says no internet connection (because nothing is connected to the WAN or VDSL port), and thought, what would happen if I ran a 2nd LAN cable from the WAN port to the Asus LAN port (to get firmware updates mainly)?


In theory, the Asus would assign it a LAN IP address, which the WiFi Hub would presume is a WAN IP. Anything then connected direct to the Hub would be directed to the LAN for LAN stuff, and to the WAN port for internet, which of course goes to the LAN and the Asus will take it the rest of the way.


Can anyone see any reason why this wouldn't work?