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Not happy with new Hitachi TV

Whizz Kid
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Just bought a 55" Hitachi to replace our ageing, no longer so smart 42" 3D Bush.


It's a 2021 model and, comparing the Argos images, appears to have a different home screen suggesting it has later software than the 2020 model. The issue is that it won't remember the supposedly one-time login details for iPlayer and ITV Hub etc., meaning you have to go online, log in to the relevant account and enter a code every time you want to use the apps.


According to the TV's system info, the software is dated 13/10/2020 and scanning over the internet (LAN) or by broadcast updates doesn't produce any results - would this deem it 'unfit for propose'?


Also, while it's not stated in its description that it has BlueTooth capability, the 2020 model has - is it unreasonable for me to assume that the newer model might have also had it?


Another thing, when viewing the Freeview HD channels they are not much better than the SD channels on the old Bush, and the SD channels are abysmally blurry - is this just a trade-off when viewing on a larger screen?


2021 model: Hitachi 55HK6100UC - Argos 946/6937

2020 model: Hitachi 55HAK6150U - Argos 922/1392


Opinions appreciated.


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Argos took it back on the grounds that the software was unfit-for-purpose as it didn't do as it 'says on the label'. Got an LG instead - there have been a couple of software updates since the initial update after first turning it on, but all the apps work as expected, but the user interface leaves a bit to be desired and the 'magic remote' is akin to Marmite - you either love it or hate it.


Popular Poster
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I don't actually use a TV myself so cant comment about picture quality or experience in viewing many TV's.


However I have been asked to look at many TV's behaving strangely with wireless connections (often the solution is to plug in, but that doesn't fix the problem. I am fascinated with working out what the issue could be, probably wireless card problems and why they seem to happen so often in smart TVs)


I'm interested in hearing about TV wireless problems, because the failure-rate seems rather high and a solution could save people money, so if you encounter anymore issues I'm happy to listen to them.

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