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Openreach tells El Reg it'll kill off copper sales in 118 UK locations next year

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That was the case nearly 30 years ago when fibre technology first started to be rolled out. The only reason BT didn't commit anything at that stage was because they got the hump that they weren't offered a monopoly on cable also. 


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Or the fact that it is now a very ancient technology that has been stretched way beyond its design capacity and is (probably) incapable of meeting future needs and expectations.


But at the moment it is only sales they are trying to stop.The aspiration for full switch off is around 2025-2027 depending who you believe and when they said it.


Us, out in the sticks, are not holding our collective breath.

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Indeed. Which is also the only reason copper has hung around so long, BT sweating the assets which they had long ago inherited from the hapless taxpayer on the cheap. 


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The quick and easy answer to why copper will go is:. Cost/Profit 🙂

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Well, I for one am still rather fond of my analog phone line. But not so much as to make me up-sticks and move if it turns out that my own exchange area is one of those 118, though.


My attitude is, fibre to the premises is a great idea. But removing analog phone lines from premises where vulnerable people have come to expect their phones to behave in a certain way, is a terrible idea. What's wrong with just hosting a bank of high-power ATAs in the exchanges that minic the behaviour of the old analog exchanges, so that vulnerable customers can continue to use the same equipment at home that they're used to, but where the onward trunk connections from the local exchange are done by SIP and RTP instead of SS7 and TDM? I don't see why the installation of fibre lines to people's homes means that the pre-existing copper lines that you could connect to an ATA in the exchange can't stay in place.