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SSL certificates and reverse dns/static assignment request

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Hi Talktalk, 


could you inform me as to how to get a reverse dns lookup name and static IP for our current dynamic ip addressed device please?


I am looking to put a device remotely accessible and would like to do it properly please, and am trying to follow the proper channels to do so. 


can I use the existing one until something is assigned, does talktalk have a certificate issuing service or ddns that you would suggest and support for https to devices on the end of fibre consumer lines? 


In this regard, it will only be a remote web interface and no significant traffic, pass remote vpn traffic whilst away etc, however would like to sort out so it addresses properly and can get a proper ssl certificate, from the likes of for which it will need a proper ip address rather than local 192.168.x.x. 


What is the process to get a ripe form and allocation of ip address, and reverse dns entry please, and what premium do you charge for it. If the answer is "thats only for businesses, then how will ssl work after google deems everything operating over http as "not secure", and/or blocked from being able to be accessed in the browser.


I am sure you have had this question before, and would welcome direction to the relevant location as to where the information is.


thanks for your help in advance. 


current ip is in the dynamic range but doesn't appear to change on a regular basis, and resolves to

Thanks Stuart

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Hi Stuart,


Having a static public IP address is not available for residential customers, only business ones. It is not necessary anyway, use DDNS instead. This will give you a constant domain name and the IP address is updated between the router (DDNS client) and the DDNS provider.


I can help with the setup of this if required.

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