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Well I received my kit today, modem,tv+ box. Ready for when I go live on Friday.

I connected the tv box to my tv,connected all the cables, and then I plugged in my wifi booster.

sky ones switched on the tv and switched on the box with the button on the back and then the remote. It started loading ,and updating,Scanned for channels, and rebooted it self and came back on .Considering this was a trial run I still got 80 channels using a makeshift aerial.

I explored the menu and added my preferences as I went along.I came to the apps section  and I Thought I will try the Amazon Prime app,as I was given a free 12 month subscription as part of the deal. I thought that as I was not going live for the tv till  4th June I thought I would not get anywhere, but to my suprise I could watch some of the content. I did not try the talktalk

button as like I said don't go live till 4th June.


So i feel a bit chuffed with how it all went, I do not know whether to keep the sky set up or to 

set up the new modem. or do I have to use the new modem to receive my tv boost channels.


Anyway can someone tell me when do I get my welcome pack by Email and also how do I get a TalkTalk email account.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for any suggestions given.




Whizz Kid
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Just Login to your account>

My services>

Manage TalkTalk mail>

Create a mailbox