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Solving the VPN filtering problem the easyest, cheapest and most effective solution using DNA

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Use a third party DNA

Talktalk guide on third party DNA show you how

 type in free DNA public address in google

I have opted for google public dna as it free and very fast and reasonably secure

primary dna

secondary dna

Warning ensure your firewall is on and your antivirus is upto date

This by passes all filtering so you may haft to install some for your family; but this put it back in your hands as to be honest homesafe is very poor and just seem to target vpn's and lets other dark sites through.

The other benefit is google DNA has sped up my searches no end, I am very pleased.

please try this as it quite reversable.

I would also recommend changing your router login password as well so your the only one who can change the setting it possible for someone to hack your router change the dna and direct you to fake pages like banking and credit cards.

Hope this was helpful there lots of info on DNA so pleased don't take my word do some leg work.

pass it on



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You mean DNS (Domain Naming Service), not DNA.

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