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Talk2Go Dual SIM Phone

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I am having problems getting Talk2Go to work....probably my understanding of the concept?


Using a Kazam Trooper Dual SIM phone.

SIM 1: UK SIM (talktalk free PAYG).

SIM 2: Spanish SIM (Yoigo PAYG).


When in the UK I have Spanish SIM OFF completely and use UK SIM for calls, some data & wifi.

The Talk2Go app is active and works most of the time, so OK'ish.


When in Spain I have UK SIM OFF completely and use Spanish SIM for calls & wifi (no data).

I would like to use the Tak2Go App only when wifi is available (which is most of the time).

The Talk2Go app is requesting activation, but should I use the Spanish mobile number for activation and to receive the PIN number? Or would I be better to link it to the UK SIM and use the UK SIM for wifi ONLY?


Clearly with data flying about this could cost me heavily if it goes wrong so I would like advice please if anyone has got a similar setup.

Or a straight forward explanation on how the process works regarding linking the phone number to the wifi data.





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Hi All,

Further update on the use of Talk2Go on a dual SIM phone, see previous posts for further details of the setup and progress etc.


Ended up staying in Spain for 2 months so gave it a good test.


Basically it worked, whenever wifi was available I could use the phone to send/receive calls as if in UK on a landline.


Apart from the spurios Egypt calls (see link below) I got no unexpected bill for excessive landline or mobile call or data use.


Still a bit of a hassle shuffling the profile and useage of the two SIM's over at either end of the trip though.....oh for a good dual SIM management App!





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Thanks for taking the time to post that Mike.

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Good News! Hope the following will help others with dual SIM phones running the Talk2Go App. The App seems to work as a number of you helpful guys suggested it would using Dual SIM's. Before setting off from UK to Spain (with the Spanish SIM OFF completely and the UK SIM setup for calls, some data & wifi), I made sure the Talk2Go app was active. On arrival in Spain I set the UK SIM OFF completely and set the Spanish SIM up for calls & wifi (no data). So far so good, the Talk2Go App works fine (well as good as it did in the UK) when wifi is available which is all I want it to do. Will keep fingers crossed the App stays registered though, or I will no doubt be stuck? Plus I am clearly avoiding the daily "New version of App available" message like the plague! Regards, Mike

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Hi mike,

Im sure the sangria flows with abundance 😛


I can definitely see the benefit of an app like that though, similar to how flight mode works with a single button press, but a toggle between sims.





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Jetset Lifestyle ........I wish!


I'm actually a Part Time Peasant farmer in a Spanish hillside.

No sand, sea or sangria for me, well maybe just a bit?


If any App developers are looking, I know there are some (dual) SIM manager apps around but they all seem to attack from a techie perspective (ie: create loads of buttons and options to play with). But that's not what you want as you fight your way off the plane with armfulls of bags, passport between your teeth and desperately want to ring your neighbour for a lift without triggering an avalanche of data to download from a foreign land!


What's really needed is something dead simple to switch SIM's over between two completely different profiles (plus Flight Mode of course).


My ideal would be to step off the plane, the app automatically detects current location (Spain or UK) and switches SIM's and associated profiles.

The App itself could simply be a one shot operation triggered by switching out of Flight Mode.


Alternative could be 3 self configured buttons: UK, Spain, Flight Mode.



(Part time App Specification approver, cash only!)


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Hi mike,


that might be a niche in the market, i wonder if there's any helpful app developers on our community that could design a solution.


I wish i had a jetset lifestyle that warranted international sim usages 😛





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Thanks Mark,

Will report back on any progress.....good or bad for others to see.


Hopefully someone else out there has already got a similar setup working and can help.


Another interesting challange (not for this forum though!) is SIM management across the two countries.

Was hoping to get it down to one button switching in a SIM management  App, ie on arrival in Spain press SPAIN BUTTON and it sets up the Spanish SIM to profile X & UK SIM to profile Y, and vice versa when in UK.

But so far its not that easy!!




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Hi mike,


Im happy to leave the thread open for other members to share their experience. 





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Thanks Mark, but will need to go to Spain to find out if it works which may be a few weeks. Plus I really need the Spanish SIM on in Spain! Makes trial and error a long winded expensive job, so would be good to find someone who has actually done it for real with a similar set up.

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Hi mike,


I think its more the activation of the spanish sim thats caused it. If you just turn the UK sim off, and leave the spanish sim off does it work?





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Yes that is how I had hoped it would work, but for some reason it wouldnt? Have you actually used the Talk2go app in a dual SIM phone? To get the whole process up and running you clearly do need a SIM (a UK one) active to get the Talk2go account registered to the Talk2go app on the phone via a pin message. Then I can understand that the app will continue to work via wifi without a SIM. But what seemed to happen to my phone was that as soon as I got to Spain and selected my UK SIM OFF and my Spanish SIM ON, then the Talk2go app was requesting to be registered again.......which clearly needs a UK SIM active.

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You don't need to have any sim in your phone as long as your talk2go account is active on your phone. You can even use it on an ipad or galaxy tab etc.... I have personally made 100ds of calls through my tab and from my phone just on wifi.

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hi mike,


I see bestmanx has pointed you in the right direction. You would need to ahve a UK sim in the phone at the time. The app will work fine over any wifi you dont have to use the sims data connection.





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Thanks for the info. So clearly I do need to keep the UK SIM active whilst in Spain, which is something I was trying to avoid. But presumably it does not require a data connection (just calls & wifi enabled). Have you actually used it in practice?

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It will not work with the Spanish SIM as detailed in the help article What do I need to get the Talk2Go app?

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