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Talktalk router bridge WAN mode

First Timer
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My Talktalk router is the Huawei EchoLife DG8041W Home Gateway. I have a TP Link Archer C7 AC1750 which I would like to use as the fully functioning router device in my home network. In order to do this I have been trying to find a way to bypass the existing Talktalk's router functions - effectively turning it into a modem only. I've come to understand that one way to do this is to put the Talktalk device in 'bridge mode'. I have discovered that by going into advanced settings, then 'WAN configuration', then clicking on the connection name (I have only VDSL connection available to me to click on), under 'WAN Mode' there is an option to 'Bridge WAN'. However, when I try this saving this option I get the message "The current service type is not supported in bridge WAN mode".  


I suspect that the matter is not helped at by the fact that I cannot find the full user manual for the Talktalk device. Unfortunately I'm really not having much luck trying to figure this out. I find it difficult to believe that setting up a third-party router could be so difficult.


Help would be much appreciated.


Whizz Kid
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This sort of works with the limitations of  the DG8041W.  



The workaround is to place your router in the DMZ

  • Setup up a static IP address for your router 
  • Set your Router IP address in the DMZ  to bypass the Wi-Fi hubs firewall


Access Control >> DMZ tab
 LOCAL HOST :  select your router from the drop down list.



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Hi charlesb224


Many thanks for your reply. I didn't get much feedback in the end so maybe not many are having this problem..... but I just buy this. Replacing an IPS device with a better third-part router-only device doesn't seem like a particularly adventurous undertaking. There are so many routers and other systems - such as mesh systems - on the market that I would have thought this process would be well-trodden by now. I consider myself fortunate not to have spent a lot on a high-end router or mesh-system or any other product which requires connecting up to a pure modem in order to access the internet - this would potentially have been a huge waste of money. But again, the ease by which someone could make this mistake leads me to think that I must be missing something.


I note that modems from the brands you suggest generally cost as much as my new TP-Link Archer C7 - unless of course I chance a second-hand on. TP-Link do make a couple of cheaper models to be fair. I will say that I am weary that, should I ditch the Talktalk device, I will not be able to use a third-party modem and router at all due to some Talktalk-implemented setting or protocol which forces Talktalk customers to use only Talktalk-issued devices. 


I will not give up just yet though!




Wise Owl
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I would suggest ditching the TalkTalk modem completely.  If it's anything like the Sagem router, you can't put it into Bridge mode.


I hav used Talktalk fibre for 6 years now.  First I used the HG635 which Talktalk provided, which could be put into bridge mode, when it died after 2 years, they sent me a horrible HG633 which seemed to bridge, but then failed quite quickly and wouldn't connect.  So I dug out a TPLINK W9980 which worked as a bridge modem, but wouldn't support G.INP


So, I'm now using a cheap TPLINK TD-W9970 in bridged mode, connected to my ever present Asus RT-AC66uB1 router which is setup in automatic DHCP mode and gets assigned a WAN IP Address via the bridge.


There are plenty of 3rd party modems available from the likes of Netger DM200, Zyxel, draytek and others either new from a shop or via ebay - a good resource for find out about these is 


Guide for putting modem into bridge mode is discussed several times on this forum: