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Trying to get free sim for usage

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Don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Want to take up the offer of the free SIM with TV plus.

Called yesterday and went throught the complete gamut of questions.  They needed to talk to my wife who is account holder.

Took 1 hour and I said call me back tomorrow at 11am.

No call back.

Called direct myself.  Complete same number of questions.  Need to talk to my wife again.

1 hour 15 minutes later still no free sim card and a lot of words about the £3.95 sim would be better.  NO it won't for the second time.  Need it for an emergency phone...5 minutes call time, 10 texts a month maximum.

Had enough and then tried aagin for the last time.

45 minutes, same questions, same answers, same response from my wife.


Had enough ladies and gents.

Talk Talk really need to sort out their customer support on the phone lines.  They are pants.

Online here you guys respond, reply and know what you are talking about.

And would suggest that since your data hacking scandal you have gone too far down the line of keeping everything secure.  What I got told is - the data protection act requires us to ask these questions.....ahem no it doesn't.


I am in two minds as to whether to try for a complete strike and phone again and see if I can get the same drivel for a 4th time.


Rant over



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Says it needs more information as below...



  • We need a few more details from you.
    Please call 0800 458 6005 to complete your order.

......and then it goes .....up.


ON my 4th try to get someone to give me my free SIM......


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You (or your wife if she is the account holder) should be able to redeem this via My Account: Or is that facility unavailable at the moment? In which case apologies and I don't really know what else to suggest.