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Vlan Setup for Future Fibre 500 [Lifx Issue]

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So I've been having problems using my 9 Lifx Bulbs. They all connect without issues, and then work when for a day or so then they become very unresponsive, just very slow.


If I turn on the lights, it takes like 2 mins sometimes longer for them for them to come on, same goes with turning them off. I have 3 spot lights and turning them off or on, does it one at a time, like a delay between turning the next one on or 2 come on but the 3rd I have to manually turn on ofc with a delay. it's become frustrating. So I've been checking online the past week to see where the problem lies (I'm still waiting to find a definite answer) some say it's the app some say it's the LAN.  {} & {} & {} 


So that's my issue, now what I'm after is setting up a VLAN on my TP-Link x90 router. I've googled online and also on talktalk forums and I've heard it's 102 with Priority 0 but can use 1 or 2. I've tried these settings but the WiFi just goes offline. 


So my Questions are - 

1. What is the current VLAN ID and Priority? 

2. Anyone else having issues with Lifx Bulbs/Strips? or the APP

3. If so, how did you set up the VLANs or if you set up another way, please do share. 

4. How is everyone doing? 😄


Any help appreciated.







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This is the lounge area of the forum, @Sephiroth, so, while other customers might share experience, staff members don't pop in very often. 


The "help with your service" areas are more for mainstream FTTC issues, ordinary broadband, phone line etc etc.


For any issues using Future Fibre, you need to use the dedicated support team:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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bump, anyone?