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Chat Line and Techs

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How do I get to speak to an actual British Person??? I have nothing against Filipinos, but the accents are very strong, and the background noise makes it impossible to carry on a conversation.  I am having problems with internet cutting out and variable speeds, and now the land line has gone.  For the umpteenth time, I have been on to chatline, gave all relevant details, password  etc,  to be told I was being transferred to tech line.  Good, they will sort me out!    I had to go over the whole bloody lot again, including   password, and I was on a Pay as you Go mobile, which was costing a fortune.  After complaining, she said she would call back on the mobile number.  Well, 9 hours later - still no call.   Tried to call and English number,  only to be tranferred to the Phillipines again.  Does NO-ONE work in this country any more?


So the upshot is - we have varying speeds of internet from slow to stop, and no landline.


I am enquiring about other providers, I am so sick of Talk Talk.  I have been having speed problems since I joined in December.  I am paying for fast fibre 35 MG download and the most I have EVER got is 23, once, mostly about 17/18, and yet the distribution box is only  300 m away.    Rant Over!!

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Hey, Bunnie74


I've just seen your post in the area originally set up for comments about the new Community web site. As a result it hasn't been seen in the normal way that requests for help with your service would have been seen and actioned.


Are you still looking for help with your service?


I do hope you've received assistance from the telephone line or LiveChat but do say if you need help and I'll get it for you.  

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