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Talktalk technical department


Are talk talk's technical department even aware of the technical support provided by the staff who support the talk talk community? They certainly do not refer customers to the community - you have to find that out for yourself.  I have found the technical dept advisors absolutely useless - but what I don't understand is how they do not seem to connect up, or have any awareness that there is technical support available elsewhere in the organisation, what the community is, or what it does. Surely this is a completely ineffective way of working, and makes the customer experience of talk talk extremely frustrating. 

Community Star

Do you have an issue with your broadband presently that you need help with?


Hi - Yes, I just made a separate post to see if I could get help with that. I've lost VPN access to my employers network. Last time this happened I got my router firmware updated via the community and that did the trick. I just want to know how to fix it this time.

Community Star

OK, as this isn't itself a support request I have moved it to the feedback area and asked the support team to comment.


That's absolutely fine. To reframe my point more positively, it would be helpful if talktalk's technical advisors could have a script that explained to people about the Community and directed them there for specific help. For example, instead of repeating to customers "Very sorry, but we cannot provide help for VPN issues, you will need to speak to your internal IT team.  But I will send you an email ". 


They could say, "We have alot of support and information available for customers with VPN issues. These are very common. You can access help for this via the talk talk Community online. You can browse replies to problems similar to your own, and post a request for help which our technical support people will respond to quickly."

Just a suggestion.



Community Manager

Sorry it’s taken me a while to comment here. It’s a good idea and i’m Sorry my colleagues on the phone didn’t point you in this direction, they are aware of the community and for certain types of issues they do suggest the community so i’m Sorry you had to find us yourself but either way i’m Pleased you found us :)

All support staff including the guys “oce’s” who offer support on here all use the same systems so that we can see what they have done and they can see what we have done however we offer a lot of support to members who are unknown to us as we don’t have a phone or account number in this case its not possible for us to make notes on your account what we have advised however as soon as we start to provide direct support to a customer we right into the same systems the guys on the phone or chat would use.