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These handy add-ons are designed to provide backup power to your full-fibre broadband service. This means that even if there’s a power cut, you’ll still be able to access the internet and make emergency calls.

Battery backup units maintain power to the Wi-Fi Hub 2 and Fibre connection box during a power cut, this will enables you to maintain a broadband and telephone service. The battery backup unit will last for one hour, depending on the number of devices requiring Wi-Fi/internet connection.


What you'll need

  • Two backup units
  • Wi-Fi Hub 2
  • Fibre connection box
  • Corded telephone


setting up

There are  two battery backup units provided for use with your Fibre connection, below are the steps needed to connect them to each device.

A corded phone is required to be plugged into your Wi-Fi Hub2 to enable use during a power outage.


  1. Switch off and unplug the power supply units you originally received with your devices and keep them somewhere safe 
  2. Remove the battery insulator tab from the battery backup units
  3. Plug  each battery backup unit into a wall socket and connect the output connector to the power port on the back of both your Wi-Fi Hub 2 and the Fibre connection box
  4. Connect a corded phone to the Phone port on the back of the Wi-Fi Hub 2
  5. Press the On button located on the front of the battery backup units, wait for the two devices to connect then turn on the Wi-Fi Hub 2 and wait for the light to go steady, that's it you're all setup


Setup should look like this.

Battery backup units wifihub2 fibre box and telephone


The LED is a two-colour indicator: green or red depending on operation status.

This table shows the lights status
Status Colour On/Flash
Power on with battery fully charged Green On
Power on with charging battery Green Steady Flash
iPower in battery and discharging Green Quick Flash
A fault on the iPower Red On
UPS has detected that the battery is not connected, while the utility power is available Red Steady Flash


This table shows the light diagnostics
Problem Possible Cause Solutions
Red LED is ON

Battery Insulator tab

Overload or short circuit occured and iPower transferred to fault mode

RemoveBattery insulator tab

Contact TalkTalk

Battery backup time does not last an hour Battery near end of life Contact TalkTalk
No output and LED indicator is not on UPS has detected that battery is not connected or battery voltage is too low or battery is defective Remove the battery insulator tab from battery if not removed. If red LED flashes even after insulator tab removed contact TalkTalk to replace battery