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Fix a dropping UFO connection

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‎04-02-2020 11:17 AM
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Here's what to do if your Wi-Fi connection keeps cutting out.


If your Wi-Fi signal keeps dropping on one device, go into the device's Wi-Fi settings and 'forget' your network. Then connect to your network again. If this doesn't help, or it's happening on all of your devices, follow the checks below.


Your Wi-Fi signal comes from the front of your router, so make sure it's upright and facing into the room. Try putting your router in an elevated position on a table or shelf, and make sure it’s not blocked by any furniture or books. This way, your router can give out a clear, uninterrupted signal.


Electrical appliances like bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, baby monitors and even remote controlled toys can disrupt your Wi-Fi signals. You should switch these off when they're near your router or move them away if you can. 


If your Wi-Fi only drops when you're far away from your router, our Wi-Fi Extender Kit can help by making your signal go further. 


If you’re still having issues, turn your router off and switch it back on after 20 minutes. A software update may have gotten stuck and a quick reset will force it through. You shouldn't restart your router more than twice within 24 hours.


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