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Fix a lost UFO connection

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‎04-02-2020 11:18 AM
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Here's what to do if you haven't got an Internet connection.


If you can't connect to Wi-Fi on a particular device, go into the device's Wi-Fi settings and 'forget' your network. Then connect to your network again. If this doesn't help, or you can't connect any of your devices, follow the checks below.


First, check the LOS light on your Homeport. If it's red, you'll need to contact us so we can help you. If it's off, continue to the next step.


Make sure the yellow Ethernet cable is securely plugged into the red WAN port on the back of your Super Router or Wi-Fi Hub. It's a good idea to check your other wires too, to make sure nothing's become loose or been knocked out of place.


Now check the lights on your router. If the Internet light on your Super Router is red or the main light on your Wi-Fi Hub is amber, reboot your router and wait a few minutes. If the light stays red/amber, please get in touch so we can investigate further.


If the Internet light on your Super Router is green or the main light on your Wi-Fi Hub is white, but you still can't connect, reboot your device and try to connect to Wi-Fi again. If this doesn't help, we'll need to look into it. Please chat with us using the button below.


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