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Minecraft Start to finish

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I am trying to make a server on 1.17 I have got the files however cannot work out how to Port Forward or enable it through the firewall I have the TalkTalk Fast 5364-3. T8, when I also use it says my IP is invalid on the port forwarding part. Any help would be great as tried looking at other threads and got confused. My pc is running over Wifi if that helps. 


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You do not need to touch the router's firewall at all, if you have made any changes, please revert them to default.


First, you need to set the IP address of the server on your local network as a DHCP Reserved address within the router. To reserve the address that a device currently has, go to:-

Dashboard > Manage my devices > Manage advanced settings

Click on the device in question & use the Device Info tab, then click on the Reserve IP button.


For the port forwarding go to:-


Dashboard > Manage my devices > Advanced Settings

Click on the device that you wish to forward to.

Then go to:-

Port Forwarding > Add Rule

This will populate the Internal Host box of the Add Rule screen with that device's IP address.


Then set a name for the rule, then:-


Protocol: TCP

External Port: 25565 (assuming hosted on a Windows PC)

Internal Port: 25565 (assuming hosted on a Windows PC)


Then apply this rule.


On your Windows PC add an inbound rule for this port or the application within the Windows Defender firewall. I can supply more details on how to do this if required.


Now with the server running, go to:- 


and test this port it should report as Open if all is OK.


You will need to consider DDNS to deal with the public (WAN) IP address of the router changing, but that is for later, get this working first.





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