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No Landline ?

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I recently received Email from TalkTalk informing me that there is to be a price increase and I can leave if I wish. It also offered the opportunity to move up to 'Ultra Fast' which I am interested in but there is no option for a landline which we need.

Other providers include landline, so is there a reason why Talktalk do not and is it an option ?


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Thank You.

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Ok, Thanks.
So to clarify FTTP is Future Fibre which does not have Landline wheras Ultra Fibre Optic does, according to earlier poster ?

Support Team
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Hi @shedload


At the moment our FTTP product does not include a landline so the number on your line will be lost, I think with the increase in calls being made over the internet the landline is not seen as a priority right now, but we are working on it. 





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@shedload please wait a few days for oce staff to reply they have all the info u need on what u have and will get 

Hope that help Regards Joe
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I may be getting confused. From the original email I found myself looking at future fibre. When I could see no explanation there I went to community which pointed me to UFO.
It appears two new products and a price increase have me going round in circles !
To be honest on my first look I was heading to virgin, reluctantly, but will try and do some more research.

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My first reply appears to have gone awry.
But you are hopefully right. The email I received appeared to tell me that a landline would not be included in the UFO package, but from what you say that is not correct.
I will follow link you gave and hopefully it will become clearer.

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Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO) and Future Fibre are two separate sets of products provided over different networks. 


@shedload Can you clarify which one you mean, please?

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Ah,  as the post was in the UFO forum I thought they were talking about the UFO product but it looks like I am wrong.

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Hi @peteb99 @shedload I'm pretty sure UFO isn't the same product as ultrafast, hope I'm wrong. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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Hi Shedload,


I've had UFO for nearly two years now and it is genuinely fabulous.  900mb/s both upload and download is amazing.


There is a phone line as part of UFO, it actually uses VOIP.   The installing engineer will install a little box that looks like a BT phone line box (with a "BT" end so any normal phone including wireless can be plugged in).   The only difference is the the phone line box actually connects to the ONT box (the modem that you connect your router to) and doesn't use the normal BT copper wires.     You still get a phone number for wherever you are (i.e. for York you will get a 01904 ****** number).    To be honest, you would never know it wasn't a normal phone line.


You can still subscribe to the normal phone line packages, i.e. the free phone calls all day for so much £ a month and all calls to other talktalk lines are free for the first 60 minutes.


If you go to this page here :


and scroll down to "All our plans come with " you will see "inclusive call and privacy features" confirming that you do get a phone line.


When mine was installed it, the ONT box comes with a battery backup for the phone line with 4 AA batteries so you can still use the phone if you have a power cut.   I have heard that the battery backup will be eventually be removed from new installs but at the moment it is still there. 


Hope this helps



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Hi @shedload there will be an answer to your question but I'm not sure it will be coming any time soon.

A kind interpretation is that voip is the future, but I for one still live in the now. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.