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Openreach say UFO available, TalkTalk say NO

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I had a very nice email from Openreach a little over 2 weeks ago. They informed me that following extensive works in my area, full fibre to the premises (FTTP) was now available at my address. As openreach do not provide ISP services directly, it's now time to contact one of the providers that can connect services in my area. TalkTalk was one of the listed service providers. 


I waited 24 hours before contacting TT, to be politely informed that it wasn't showing on the system as being available yet, but the TT system does an automatic update from Openreach periodically and the next update was due in 4 days. 

I decided to wait 6 days before contacting TT again,  about upgrading to the UFO service. 

TT once again insisted that UFO is NOT available at my address. 


If i use the availability checker on the BT website and at least 2 of the other possible suppliers, they show that FTTP IS currently available to order. 


2+ weeks after the Openreach email, TT are still saying that UFO is NOT available. 


I've done some digging around online and identified that the local cabinet is indeed FTTP ready and my street/property is ready for WBC FTTP, only requiring a single stage install and UG proven clear. 


Wholesale Broadband Connect FTTP means that ISPs such as TT can place a Wholesale order to connect the premises to the service. 

A single stage install, means that it only needs a standard fibre engineer visit to complete the connection in one visit. 

UG proven clear, means that there are no known obstacles that would interfere with laying/installing/connecting the fibre cable to the premises.


So why are TT still saying that it ISN'T available to order? 

I want to get it ordered before the end of March, I'd like it to be up and running in April.

I'm even prepared to sign up to a 24 or 36 month contract with TT if i can get it ordered within the next 2 weeks. Heck, i might even be prepared to pay 12/24 months upfront.


As an ex-IT technician, I'm even willing to do the physical install myself if they want to send me the ONT, I'll even drill the hole into the house before they arrive, then I'll only need the fibre engineer to connect the actual optical cable.

I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm just a customer.

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Hi @KrystalineD 


We are definitely looking a the VOIP option for our FTTP customers. 


I'm sure we will be in contact.




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@damos1 as i found out, the TalkTalk UFO service is pretty much only available to customers in York as it's their own product using their own cables/infrastructure. Everywhere else is provided through the Openreach infrastructure and is named as FTTP, Fibre To The Premises or Future Fibre.


Future Fibre is the preferred name as far as TalkTalk is concerned and is only available in a choice of 2 speeds, the fastest of which is 500Mb.

After a bit of internet searching, it looks as though there's only BT Internet that can provide anything faster than 500 using the openreach network, all other providers are limited to 500 as the maximum, but TalkTalk is definitely the cheapest provider for the 500Mb service. 

As all FTTP connections use Fibre optic to the premises, there is NO telephone as the old copper lines are being phased out completely. At some point there may be provision to add a VoiP telephone service, but once again, this is something that applies to all providers

I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm just a customer.

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Still no ufo available to me even though iv now got fttp bt installed the lines in ready to go but max showing is 500mb near double the price of some thats paying for full 1gb! And I can't even have landline  but ufo can 😕 


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Thanks for the update, glad it got sorted eventually. 


In relation to My Account, there is a known problem with FTTP accounts accessing My Account, we have identified the issue and we are waiting for the fix to be deployed, which will hopefully be soon. 


Will let you know when that has been completed.



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@Arne-TalkTalk I now have an installed and functional Future Fibre 500 connection. 

The engineer that did the install on 31st August was very polite, friendly, efficient, professional and paid great care and attention to detail whilst doing the job. In fact, he's the neatest tradesperson I've ever seen (neat & careful holes, exact location as requested and absolutely no mess or dust). The whole job only took him about 75 minutes from arrival to departure. 


Speeds started out at around 80mb, after a few minutes and restarting the router, we started seeing speeds around 180mb which has since crept up to 230mb (ping is down to 12ms, jitter fluctuates between 1 & 2ms). Those speeds are when tested using a mobile phone on WiFi.

When testing on a desktop PC with a wired connection, we see minimum speeds of 485mb, ping 9ms, jitter 0ms.


So far I'm very happy with the connection, I've just got to make time to make a few adjustments & tweaks to our WiFi layout & settings to better suit our usage (getting around 100+ smart devices to play nicely and still allow top performance for HD streaming on phones & chromecast is fun) 


I'm still waiting for the ability to access "My Account" though, as i haven't received the email with the link and account number yet. 


I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm just a customer.

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Hi @KrystalineD


Unfortunately I have no access to FTTP systems to give you any information, the equipment will generally arrive 24 hours before the actual go live date. 




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Thank you @Arne-TalkTalk  i finally received my confirmation email yesterday (Thursday) and even though i have a specific filter to move all emails with anything related to TalkTalk to a talktalk folder, it still went into my spam folder.

Openreach engineers also arrived yesterday to run fibre from the junction box in the street (which is right outside my house) to the front wall of the property next to the BT copper junction box. As it's all underground, it took them about 20 minutes to thread about 6m of fibre optic through the conduit. 

As yet i haven't received any hardware through the post and don't appear to have any method of tracking a package or tracking the progress of the order online. 


Is there somewhere online that i can track my talktalk order? 

Could you provide a working link? 


The only one i can find is through the "moving house" section and that says that i don't have any orders

I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm just a customer.

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Let us know how the installation goes, In relation to the extra charges Im sure that there is something we can do once the new service goes live. 




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Thanks for the response @Arne-TalkTalk 

I have just completed an online chat session with somebody in the Future Fibre department after being told that the most recent order for FF500 has been processed correctly, with an engineer due to complete the install on 31st August (i was told 24th when i was placing the order).


A confirmation of the order has now been emailed to me, but for some reason i haven't received the email yet (even checked all junk & spam folders etc). Apparently the emails can take a few hours before arriving with the recipient for some reason. 


By the time it gets installed at the end of the month, providing nothing else changes or goes wrong, it will have taken 5 weeks and 3 orders to switch from the 75mb FTTC package to the new 500mb FTTP Data only package. 

Instead of the new service and contract going live on 10th August (which would've been the date from my first order) which is also the same date that my previous contract ended, my new contract and service will start 3 weeks later than planned, which also means that I'm going to get billed at a higher rate for those "out of contract" weeks. 


Fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong between now and 1st September so that i can finally have the service and speed that I've wanted as well as my stress and anxiety levels returning to a lower, more manageable level due to no longer needing my way through multiple customer service agents every couple of days. 

I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm just a customer.

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Hi KrystalineD


Unfortunately we have no visibility of FTTP orders the only team that can update you is the Future Fibre team. I would have to advise you to contact that team directly 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused


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@Michelle-TalkTalk @Chris-TalkTalk 


I think I've now managed to order Fibre500 although I'd like an update setting as my first order mysteriously vanished. 

There doesn't appear to be any way to check order status online and i only discovered that my first order had been canceled when i contacted TT to find out what was going on when the engineer hadn't turned up for the appointment (9th Aug).

After speaking with a wonderful lady called Lucy, she found that my original order via online chat hasn't been transferred to the next system and even though an engineer has been booked, this caused the order to fail. Unfortunately the system failure meant that i didn't even receive an email about it. 

Lucy then went through the complete order process again and a new appointment has been booked for the 17th Aug, but i was expecting a confirmation email within 3 days and to receive the necessary hardware. It's been 3 days since Lucy completed the order and i still haven't received anything. Could someone at TT look into this and confirm if the order is still going ahead as arranged on the 17th please. 

My previous contract ended on the 10th Aug, so I'm now being billed at a higher rate until the new contract is active. As my contract expired on 10th and the original fibre 500 was due to start on 9th Aug, that was perfect, TTs error has already pushed me an extra week beyond the contract end date, i don't want it to get delayed any further. 

I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm just a customer.

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@damos1  that's what happens in a free market.


You'll just have to select the best product for your needs.


If you stay with TT and go for FTTP over the Openreach network when it becomes available the maximum download speed you'll ever get is 500 Mbps 


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That seems silly talktalks always used openreach then this city fibre comes along thats not available for sometime messes everything up makes sure upper classes has cheap superfast internet leaves those of us on openreach outer city estates paying £60+ 😕 can get sky 145mb surely if bt can offer 900mb it wouldn't take much to enable sharing so talktalk can too


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TT have their own UFO product, but that is only in and around York, speed is 900 up and down.


When TT resell the Openreach FTTP that is now in your area it will be sold as FUTURE FIBRE - DATA ONLY with two download speed options, 150 and 500, it is not symmetrical and uploads are 30 and 75.


TT do not offer any phone service on Future Fibre, you lose the copper line, however there are plans to offer a VoIP service in the future, no dates confirmed.


You can keep checking in your online account for availability or call the Future Fibre team on 0345 172 0074


If you can get 145 from SKY, Fibre 150 ( FTTC) may be available if you are close to the cabinet.


All TT products are described in the article which I have linked to below

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Hello im a disabled vulnerable adult:
I can now get 900mb from bt Broadband but the fastest from you is currently 76mb? Any plans to add NG11 clifton nottingham to your 900mb network availability through openreach soon
I can get 145mb from sky and the full 900mb from bt and ee Nottingham is now a full fibre city and openreach says full fast fibre of 900mb is available to me and let's me go through to order from bt
When can I get the full 900mb fttp from you please as it is available to my premises now but not yet showing on your systems
It seems unfair if its available when you have always used openreach before but have now switched to using City fibre only as they're not due up until 2025  😞
I think its possibly available and vodafone have said the same that it's just not been updated on your systems yet as it's only recently been upgraded to fttp

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Hi Jlee79,


I'm sorry to hear this. I've just posted on your topic now.





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I’m in exactly the same position as you!


Although it’s now been 3 months since full fibre up to 1gb download has been avail in my area and able to order with BT and others.


As for TT, nope they’re still saying it’s not avail and I’m stuck in my 25mb connection and on an 18 month contract.


Getting to the stage now where I may just have to suck up the cost and cancel early out of my TT contract as I really want much faster internet and there is zero indication when it even if they will offer it. 


not happy at all esp as I now work from home. 


Support Team
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Hi KrystalineD,


I'm sorry to hear this. Did you also register your interest on our Help Article below?





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Yep, thanks for that @martswain I've realised that now. The TT website is a little confusing when it comes to finding information & availability for UFO and FTTP (FutureFibre) products. Their advertising emails seem to all point more towards UFO and less about FF FTTP.
It  appears as though Openreach now say that FTTP service is available to my house from a selection of providers (including TT), but TT still insist that it is NOT available.

It has now been over 6 weeks since OR informed me of availability and advised me to order from my ISP (TT) and yet TT still won't allow me to order any sort of FTTP product.

I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm just a customer.

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You seen to be confusing UFO, which is TT's own fibre network in and around YORK, with FUTURE FIBRE which is a service that piggybacks on the BTOR fibre network.