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Scam or TalkTalk

Ado Topp
First Timer
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I had a call today via my wife's mobile supposedly from Talk Talk.

He said he was calling about my account

I didn't believe he was speaking for Talk Talk so I told him so.

I have though recently renewed my account with Talk Talk so I was wondering if, perhaps, it was Talk Talk the number shown he was calling from was: 0800 955 5544 

is this a genuine call from Talk Talk?


Community Star
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You can't necessarily trust a number as displayed on Caller Identify Display, or your mobile, @Ado Topp, as it's too easy for genuine numbers to be spoofed.


Steer clear, and call Talktalk on a mainstream number, such as 03451 720088, should you need support. 


You'll see that the number you mentioned has been reported many times in the Check and Report area of the Community. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.