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Slow Broadband

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A month or so ago I noticed a change in my phone's ring tone - similar to that found in the USA, which would indicate a change in Network equipment. Since then my router has been randomly disconnecting. There has also been a noticeable drop in speed, causing videos to hang. A network test just a short time ago showed a speed of just 7mbs, which is far short of the promised 26mbs. Carrying out tests at various times during the day shows download speeds ranging from 7mbs to 25 mbs. In my view, this indicates a network bandwidth issue, with speeds slowing considerably at high use times of the day. Whilst I have raised this with the 'chat' service, there only response is to make an appointment for an engineer to visit, which to my mind would be a totally pointless exercise. I do not understand as to why Talktalk cannot refer my problem to their network division for investigation. Has any one else experienced the same problem, or has a resolution.


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Hi John,

Could you take a look at the Master socket guide and let us know which type of master socket you have


What type of extension cable do you have? Is it a replacement, longer version, of the ADSL cable provided with the router, or an extension cable that the ADSL (provided with the router) connects to - hope that makes sense


Yes, if possible could you connect the router to the test socket with just the ADSL cable provided with the router (minus the extension lead). It's fine to also connect the telephone to the micro-filter


Regarding the change in ringtone, this is unlikely to have caused the issue. The change in ringtone is affecting a number of customer, including myself, and so we would expect to see a lot of people reporting problems with their broadband service if the ring tone issue was causing broadband issues




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Hi Chris


The router is already connected to the Line box through an extension lead - this is because BT fixed the NTE5 just above the window cil. For clarity, are you requesting that I remove the extension lead and plug the router directly into Linebox via the filter. I assume that I can leave the phone connected, utilising the same filter. 


Will you be resetting the line equipment? Do you know whether the Network line equipment has been recently changed? The situation with the USA style ring would suggest recent network modifications.


Regards, John



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Hi John,

Thanks for the information 

Could you leave your router connected to your test socket over the weekend and we'll see if stability improves and the line management system (DLM) moves you back to a faster line profile



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Hi Chris


Thank you for your reply. The phone works fine, without noise or any other interference.


This morning at around 9 am I plugged my router directly into the NTE5 Line box and used the TalkTalk test facility to check my broadband speed. The average of the 4 tests made was 18.75mbs download and 3 mbs upload. With my phone and extension cable added, the same tests undertaken at 10 am showed  an average download speed of 21.3mbs and an upload of 3mbs - this being marginally better, but still below the 26mbs minimum. 


When I had a similar issue a few years back, I vaguely remember the line current being adjusted.


I did take screen shots of the results and the router being plugged directly into the Line box if that helps.


Regards, John


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Hi John,


I'm sorry you had difficulty finding the correct place to post. For future reference, on the home screen if you click on the ask the 'ask now' button in the big blue square 'ask the Community' box, you get all the sections listed, this can also be accessed through the orange 'browse' tab on the left hand side of the screen and then by clicking on 'help with your service'

Line test is clear but I can see that your connection is very unstable. Are you experiencing any problems with your telephone service (other than the change of ring tone), any noise on the line?



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Thank you for your response. I do not have a UFO connection; I have basic fibre, with a minimum connection speed of 26 mbs. During the day only 7-23mbs appears to be available.
As a 'newbie', I found the community website extremely difficult to navigate and the only available option to write a post appeared to be under under the UFO heading.

You might have thought that in the main menu a link to write a post would have appeared.

Regards, John

Support Team
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Hi John,


I can see that you've posted in our UFO section. Just to confirm, do you have a UFO Connection?





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Thank you for your comment. It would appear that TT’s response to the change of ring tone is that it is an issue waiting to be fixed. The 50 volt ring current sent to phones is not something which changes by itself and is most likely due to the fact that wrongly specified equipment has been introduced into the network. The question is whether recent network changes have also degraded other aspects of the network functionality.  Network speed tests show how well the NETWORK is performing and in my case, it is way below expectations.


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It's unlikely that the two issues are connected, @John07.


Please check in the Home Phone section for updates on the change in the ring tone.


Please wait for staff to reach this thread to address the speed issue. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.