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Need help?

TT Customer service directing my questions to another (competitor?) supplier. Kinda amazing really.

Whizz Kid

The other day I called TT Customer service.
The entire estate I live in has been setup for FTTP by Openreach, allowing us to get up to 900Mb/s.
When I check on the Openreach website it says I am able to get this.
If I check with BT, for my address and landline, I can get their Ultrafast option.
Talktalk website said I can't get UFO however.
Hence my call to Customer service.
After much confusion on their side, (it sounds like an offshore call centre, and they were a bit suprised that my ~60Mb/s was not good enough for me) they said they could not address this, but kindly gave me a number to call.
This number turned out to be the support team for another Fibre company (TT competitor?) for properties the Yorkshire area.
The guy there was understandably kinda confused and amused in equal measure. Unfortunately I don't live in Yorkshire, otherwise I might have taken up Talktalk Customer Services offer to maybe swap providers.
What are my options Talktalk? Are there any Warwickshire based companies you can direct me to?


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi stagger321


FTTP (Future fibre as we call it) is not available to all areas through TalkTalk at the moment, there is a speacialist team that you should have been transferred too to check your line.  


Sadly I can see a cancellation has been placed on the number in your profile.  


Sorry that you have decided to leave.  

Whizz Kid

Thanks for the update @OCE_Arne .

Leaving was not actually out of choice, but more out of necessity.
While we have lots of people Working From Home (WFH) we have line contention issues, meaning that of a quiet period I could get 60-70Mbps, during peak time - like working hours, I sometimes am down to 2-3Mbps.

This also resulted in router issues that could only be resolved by leaving the router offline for 15mins so it forced another resync to your servers. Not great if you are WFH yourself.

I wanted FTTP/Future-Fibre, as I shouldn't get Line contention, plus its a faster service guaranteed.

I was really shocked when I tried to get this, but was told I couldn't on the TT website, plus as I indicated your CS department a) questioned why my 60-70Mbps wasn't good enough for me. then b) told me to call this other number which was a Yorkshire provider.
The ONLY company I can get FTTP from is BT - for my address. They have a monopoly here.
Talktalk are missing out big time.

If it makes you feel any better, the initial purchase from BT went badly wrong (their fault), and they have asked me to repurchase lol.
Ah well.....


Community Team - TT Staff

I understand the need for more speed especially these days, and if you can get more then I completely get why.