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UFO Connected No Internet

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We've been without internet for about a week and an half now.

When I reported it I got the usual, "the problem is probably with your set up so check connections reset the router etc etc."

After doing all that they sent me a new router which I installed and surprise surprise still no internet, either by wi-fi or cable on any of the numerous devices connected to the router.

So about 10 days ago they arranged an Engineer appointment for the 7th May, 1 week later. This meant cancelling arrangements we had made for that day. The appointment was arranged for anytime between 9am and 12 noon. The Engineer arrived about 11.45 and again surprise, surprise they had sent an engineer who was not trained to fix UFO problems. He did have a look at the set-up but was unable to do anything and tried to arrange for another Engineer but was told just to put it in his report and someone else would sort it out.

Within a matter of a couple of hours I received a text message, from a no reply number, informing me that the Engineer had been unable to fix the fault and I should (can anyone guess?) check my set up again.

So once again I had to ring the far east and spend yet more interminable time on the phone explaining everything again and waiting for the call handler to check everything, only to be told that they should be able to fix the fault without a visit from an Engineer, which is something they had previously said they couldn't do. As we are away from home for a couple of days I asked the handler to ring me back when they had sorted the problem, but was told it was not possible I would have to ring them. I tried to explain to him that I couldn't check the connection as we weren't at home, again no joy.

According to information on this website the LOS light on the incoming box should either be green or red, mine is not on, although all the rest of the lights are working.

I did think TalkTalk's customer service was improving but they seem to be going backwards again.


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Hi Baz,


Glad it's working now, looks like it was TalkTalk's end.


I use a device called Raspberry PI with software on it called PiHole.   This povides DNS for every device on my network and stops adverts appearing (it's really useful).


The Pi is kept in a cupboard and connected wirelessly and just works without me touching it.  One day I decided to clear out the cupboard and turned it off while I was moving stuff around - and totally forgot to turn it back on.      As you can imagine I then got internet problems - showing the same as you i.e. Connected but no internet.     Of course this was because the PiHole was unreachable and so none of my devices could resolve any DNS addresses.


Unfortunately I didn't realise until I'd spent 30 minutes on the phone with TalkTalk.   The guy just couldn't understand it - he could see that I was definitely connected to their network and just couldn't see why I couldn't get to any internet page.     Then he asked the golden question - have you changed anything on your network recently and finally the penny dropped for me.  I switched the Raspberry Pi back on and low and behold everything worked again.   It was so embarrasing and I had to be truthful and let him know that I am an idiot.    We had a good laugh about it though.


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Hi Pete,

Thanks for the comments.
I've done some further research and you are probably right about the LOS light.

As for the DNS settings, it's not just the PC that didn't have Internet, it's everything connected to the router that goes down, i.e PC, Laptop, Smart phones, Smart TV, TV recorder Box whether they are connected by WiFi, wired or powerline adapters.

TalkTalk have now reset the line from their end and everything is working fine.

If I have any further problems I'll give your suggestion a try.


Thanks again



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I always thought that the LOS (loss of service) light was supposed to be off.   Unfortunately I am away from home at the moment so I can't check if mine is off or not - I'm due back on Friday morning though so will check then.


Whenever I have got the "connect no internet" message it is because my DNS settings aren't working.    Have you tried changing your DNS settings on your PC to  (if you have windows 10, try this


Can you ping and get a response? (this is one of the BBCs IP addresses).




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Hi Baz,


Ok thanks for confirming. Hopefully they will be able to investigate and feed it back to improve the process.





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Hi Michelle,

The quick answer is no. I asked him the same question and he just said he would look into the case to see if anything could be learned and the procedures improved upon.

In my opinion after talking to the advisors they seem to have been trained to assume that UFO is perfect and the fault is always on the customers' set-up. In my case this was further reinforced by the fact that our telephone was working normally even though we hadn't got Internet


Support Team
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Hi Baz,


I'm really sorry to hear this and thanks for the update. Did the manager advise why this took so long to complete?





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Finally got through to a UFO Support Manager and he reset the line and had the internet working within an hour of my phone call this morning.

Does anyone know why it took 2 weeks for someone to reset the line?


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I have contacted UFO support and they have closed the case, yet my internet is still not working.

Apparently it didn't dawn on them that if the the line is OK and if the connection between the box on the wall and the router is OK, there may, just possibly, be a fault in the white box, possibly indicated by the fact that the LOS light is NOT working.

This has now been going on since the 27th April, exactly 2 weeks.

One final point, the number to contact UFO support stuck by the installation Engineer on the incoming wall box clearly states that the number is to "UK based UFO Support Team".


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My daughter has tried to connected to the UFO again and has the got the same result "Connected but No Internet".

In other words they haven't fixed it.

When I had UFO installed I was lead to believe that I would be able to access a UK Call Centre or Office in the event of any problems? What happened to that?


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The reason I asked them to ring me back was that I was not at home for a few days so I won't know whether or not they have fixed the problem. The operator refused to do that. He also refused to re-arrange for a qualified Engineer to visit our home, so I assume they are confident they can fix it without another visit.

Why can't they ring me and just tell me if they have fixed it? I can then get my daughter to log-in to the Wifi and check, when she gets home from work.


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OK thanks. I'm sorry but could you try contacting the UFO support team again and let us know how you get on




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I've rung the number I've got three or four times and got through to a far eastern call centre. They have rung me back once or twice.

The person who sent the Engineer was aware it was a UFO problem, it said so on the job sheet. Unfortunately the Engineer did not spot it until he arrived at our house.

We've now been without internet for nearly 2 weeks.


Support Team
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Hi Baz46,


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with your service. Just to confirm, have you tried speaking to our UFO support team about this?