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UFO Homeport lights

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My UFO Homeport has a red "Fault" lamp and the "LOS" lamp is also out. My internet appears to be working correctly and I have run a speed test (~650Mbs down, ~700mbs up).


Any ideas what the problem is? 


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Further to my post - I've found a really good video on youtube that shows you how to get to the batteries.


If you go to 5 minutes 23 seconds on the below video you will see the helpful chap open up the battery comparment and you can see the batteries.  Just remember if you do replace them you need to use rechargeable ones (NiMH seem to be the best).


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Hi dan4bears,


You don't need to phone to resolve this.

The red fault light is telling you that the batteries have failed in the battery backup on your ONT (the big white box).   These are AA batteries (I think that are AA or AAA) which work when you have lost power completely to the ONT (usually when you have a full power cut in your house).     The batteries make your phone line still work without power.  This is great if you need your phone line to always work and you can dial 999 for example.    However, if you are like 99.9% of us and have a mobile phone then you can use that for phone calls instead.


For example, BT Openreach no longer provide the battery backups in the ONT's they install and haven't done for a couple of years as it's no longer seen as needed due to mobile phones.     The fault light only applies to these batteries and nothing else on the ONT.    If you still want to replace the batteries, let me know and I'll find a video or instructions on how to change them for you.


The LOS light means Loss Of Service.   This light should always be un-lit if all is well.    It only lights up if there is a problem which is why it is called Loss of Service.    It never lights up green (even though TalkTalk say it should be green on some support web pages, which is annoying).    For example mine has always been un-lit since install 2.5 years ago.


I hope this helps, to be honest if my batteries fail I will probably replace them on mine but only because I don't like to see red warning lights, haha.




Support Team
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Hi dan4bears


Give our UFO Teams a call on 0800 230 0272  and they can test and arrange an engineer if required.





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Moving this to the UFO section, @dan4bears, and I'll escalate your thread.


Please complete your community forum profile details for TT staff to identify your account. Go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard. 


Have you checked through the UFO support hub guidelines?



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.