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UFO fault resolution

First Timer
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After reporting a fault with our UFO service it seems like Talktalk isn't bothered about it. Total loss of phone and broadband following a local power cut. LOS light flashing Amber and won't reconnect after power cycles.

Absolutely no communication from talktalk to confirm they have received the fault, are investigating the fault or even an estimate of when they are going to look at it.


72 hours after loss of service I called the team back (at cost because they don't have a free phone number to call when your talktalk landline is down). The agent advised that an engineer might be available to visit in 6 days (10 days in total from loss of service). 

Still no email communications or confirmation, no text, just a rough guess from the phone team who "don't make the bookings for the engineers".


I have a few questions.


Is there a way to get updates on fault / work status online?

Is there a way of contacting the UFO customer services team free of charge from a mobile network due to their telephone service not working? 

Do Talktalk have a contractual target for service restoration for existing customers? 

Do talktalk have a compensation policy for loss of services?


This is a very poor showing from the customer services department.



Support Team
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Hi Lesley,


I'm sorry to hear this. Have you tried contacting the team via Live Chat? The link is at the bottom of the help guide and I believe that it should be available from 9am onwards.


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