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Voucher Code

First Timer
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I signed up to a renewal on the basis of an offer for existing customers.... 

After waiting a month..  nothing...... After web chats the promise of a code but no receipt .... After emails, again promise of a code and no receipt. 

Today I email again and the TalkTalk email account no longer works....come on! I used it 10 days ago! 


Increasingly frustrated and unlikely to remain or recommend TalkTalk again to family.  

Also seeing lots of people that have received their email with invalid codes, I haven't even received an email, and yes, I check my spam folders. 

Waiting now since renewal in April!  

Now I've signed up to the community so others in the future can see the impossibility of being sent a voucher code.  Is it all a scam TalkTalk?  


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@RW_21 Thank you for confirming security


Your code was sent 2nd July can you confirm that you received it?


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Hi @RW_21


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




First Timer
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Yes, I'm happy to share my experience of this 'Offer'- It will hopefully help others not take the same decision.  


1) I was prompted to renew my TalkTalk package and At the time I clicked through from My Account on an offer of a free AmazonEcho Speaker. This free offer was part of my decision about renewing with TalkTalk instead of switching providers. 

2) After no voucher came through from Amazon I contacted talk talk webchat in April. I was told the voucher would come through directly from Amazon in a few days.

3) After  waiting I contacted web chat again in May. Firstly, I was told I had clicked on the wrong link to receive this offer - even though I clicked through from the offer page!  Secondly, after speaking with the webchat manager they agreed to send the voucher through in a few days.

4) I asked again this time via email - I was told a voucher had been sent on 8th May.  I checked my emails - no code.  Via email the code was shared with me.  I then tried the code given and it repeatedly failed.  

5) I was informed it would be escalated and a new code would be issued. 

6) Yet again no response from TalkTalk, I emailed again and the email account no longer accepts incoming emails - that is a disaster in customer service guys!

7) I resolve to share this experience here in public so everyone can see. 


I can only conclude that - 

1) The mechanism around renewing is flawed somewhere.

2) The offer does not exist. 

2) TalkTalk do not keep their word






Support Team
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Hi @RW_21 


Can you give me more information please; 


What type of voucher was it? 




What comparison site was used?


the more information we have the easier it will be to fix this.