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What speeds am I supposed to have?

First Timer

Bearing in mind I signed up for the at least 900mbps...

We got UFO installed on Saturday as were tending to hover around 120 to 200 via WiFi and we managed 600 once via Ethernet to the PS4 but that’s not been achieved again. Powerlines are slow, presuming internal wiring of house. 

So my question is, what do people actually get? 


UFO Customer

I think you are doing well with those speeds.


Search through the forum, been covered many times before.


1. Don't expect 900 via wifi, it cannot do it. Lots of other factors for wifi.


2. 600 is good on Ethernet to a PS4, but it depends on the PS4 service that reports the speed.


Basically, a lot of speed test services/websites and wifi cannot actually handle the speed in their reports.

UFO Customer

As below, using a PC hard wired, and a site that can handle the speed test, just 2 mins ago here. I have always achieved this speed since installation, but all depends on your home bottlenecks.

First Timer
I had a look through the forum but mainly found complaints where the service was bad if that makes sense.

I don’t expect it to be super fast over WiFi don’t worry! Shouldn’t really have any bottlenecks in the house as I actually haven’t connected everything up to the new internet and the nighthawk router sped it up a little. One likes to think MU MIMO will make a difference! Next test is to take my PC downstairs and see what happens when I hook that up to the router. If anything is capable of getting good speeds it will be that. Fingers crossed I get them!

Hi Ms Glitter 

I feel sure your Nighthawk will rise to the challenge after a lot of tweaking and trial and error to optimise throughput.

I just bought and installed a tp-link AX50 that was on offer pre-Black Friday for £99.99. In the end I bought it from John Lewis since the usual suspects (Amazon and Ebuyer) had none and everyone else was selling it at about £149.99.

It is a dual band router and it is ideal with my rather extensive home automation of about 40 different devices using the 2.4g channel, leaving the 5g channel for my phone and tablet.

My rather high spec PC and all the ethernet switches/hubs are gigabit throughput and ultimately feed back to a Netgear Smart Switch that then connects to the new router.

Before this, I was using a industrial/business basic technicolor router and it really was struggling with all the wifi devices and even with TalkTalk UFO fibre I was getting only about 9mb/s on my phone despite the TalkTalk ultra fast broadband was routinely delivering about 850-950mbps to my ethernet connected PCs.

It has taken me the best part of a day to tweak the controls of the tp-link AX50 but now my ethernet devices still get the same throughput download and upload as before (as you might expect) but the Wifi devices are running superbly on 2.4g and my phone is racking up 380-450 mbps in both directions on the dedicated 5g channel.

I cannot say setting the router up was plain sailing but with so many controls to consider and a bit of trial and error, you will get there and tp-link has a well established community of decent people to help you along.

Well, it is 2+ months since  you posted soI dare say you have already optimised that router of yours by now.

I am in York which has a well established UFO network and I enclose a pic of throughput I got about an hour ago 851mbps Download and 251mbps upload - the Upload figure seems very wrong still, so later today after some sleep I will try to tweak it more. i think it is something to do with the included Trend Micro products provided free by tp-link which I may need to switch off but the most important thing to me is the download speed and I am very happy with 851.

Nats Wallis
Old lady from York with IT skills