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What speeds are you getting?


Hi, so my service went live today. Did a few speed tests and on my phone  lm getting between 100 and 130mbs. When I questioned to see if this is normal, the support team said yes but it can take the router up to 14 days to "stabilise". 


Just wondering that speeds people are getting? Haven't tried wired connection as I have no need for it atm.

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There's no such thing as "normal", @abbafoy, and average statistics are misleading in this respect. 


If you need staff to look into this for you, please complete your community forum profile details, as they will need to identify your account. 


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Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.
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Hi Abbafoy, welcome to UFO.

Which speedtest are you running? On my UFO I can get wildly different results from speedtests and find that is usually the most accurate (though even that sometimes shows the connection as slow).

Using a mobile phone for the speed test is also not ideal, is it a new phone or an older phone. The reason I ask is that it might only be able to use 2.4ghz wifi which will slow it down immensely.

Have you got a laptop/desktop that you could plug directly into your router using an ethernet cable? that would provide a much better test.

I have run speedtests which have shown 400mbps but then downloaded a linux ISO through a torrent file and it's gone up to speeds of 100 MB/s (which is about 800 mbps).

When you spoke to the support team, is it the dedicated UFO team? The 14 days thing is nonsense for FTTP, it goes full pelt immediately. In the older days, with ADSL the router would "train" itself over 14 days and the speed would fluctuate but that is no longer the case for FTTP.

If you need the number for the dedicated UFO team it is 0800 230 0272. I've had UFO installed for over a year now and it is genuinely great, especially the upload speeds.

Hope this helps,


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I am too concerned about the download speeds I am getting, my install was 5 days ago.  
Speed tests over WiFi on my MacBook Pro are very inconsistent, varying between 130mbps and 490mbps. 
My phone (iPhone XS) gets slower speeds upto 400mbps. 
I do not have a laptop with an RJ45 port to test a wired connection. 

Whilst my speeds are underwhelming, the coverage is stronger throughout the home and it can handle multiple simultaneous  Skype calls which Virgin Media could not. 

Is there an issue causing these slow speeds or is true gigabit a unicorn?

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HI abbafoy


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@carlwd, you need to start your own thread for help with your specific situation. The OCE will only address the original poster's issue on a help thread. 


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Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.
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im only getting 35mbps

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Hi davies-i4,


Please can you create your own topic and we'd be happy to take a look at this for you.





Hi Carl

The speed you will get from Wifi is dependent upon 3 factors

1 : Your router specifications regarding whether you are using a 2.4g connection or a 5g connection - look in the manual that came with the router and maximum speeds will be documented there. If you are connecting to a 2.4g channel you really cannot expect very high speeds and this is all to do with the 2.4g specification and nothing to do with your incoming broadband speed.

2 : The specification of your individual devices. A very modern device will be able to handle much faster WiFi speeds than an older one simply because even a few years ago there was not the gigabit/second broadbands around. So if your device can only handle a maximum of say, 12 mbps you will never be able to get above that unless you were to switch off the hard wired network adapter and fit an up to the minute USB driven WiFi adapter which obviously, the cheaper they are, the slower they will be and vice versa.

3 : If you are in a home with loads of devices all demanding WiFi from the poor old router, there IS a maximum that a 2.4g or even 5g channel can deliver. The amount of bandwidth that home automation devices like Alexa or Google Home is quite small but the numbers of devices in say a home automation set up can, as in my case, add up to over 30 devices and heck that has a hit on overall WiFi bandwidth left for everything else. This is such that i bought a new router that has dual channels, one dedicated 2.4g (mostly for my home automation devices) and one dedicated 5g for the  phones, tablets and laptops.

Also, bear in mind that if you have kids with iPhones, they put an incredible demand on bandwidth particularly when they are all streaming social media or channels like Spotify, Netflix or Amazon Prime. I ran a B&B until about 2 years ago at my previous home and all the guests with their iPhones almost permanently connecting to Apple Cloud to upload newly taken images and videos actually knocked out my own wired connections to the point where I had to create a separate guest account that was throttled back so it didn't steal all the bandwidth. iPhones never seem to give up their broadband hogging even after they have uploaded all the phone owner's new content. So you might like to do an audit of what devices you have in the house?

The easiest way to determine what actual maximum speed you are getting from your UFO connection would be to go into the router admin controls and temporarily switch off the WiFi and then connect a laptop or PC direct to one of the LAN ports on the router and run Ookla Speedtest on that, though again the network adapter on the PC would need to be a gigabit rated one - even computers from 4 years ago can be found to have only 100 mbps network cards or adaptors in them, meaning if it only has a 100 mbps card, it cannot take full use of the UFO bandwidth. Indeed, Amazon 4K firesticks are only rated for 100mbps. 

If you do not have a laptop or computer with a gigabit/s card in it with an RJ45 port, you would need to ask a friend if he or she has one they can loan you to run the Max Upload and Download Speeds since only then will you have all the information at your fingertips to work out WHICH device or service is throttling back your bandwidth on individual devices.

I have a Samsung 4K TV which I was originally using with a 4K Amazon Firestick (remember only 100mbps max) and the poor TV was struggling but as soon as I gave it a Cat6/7 Ethernet connection direct to the router, it was perfect. These days I drive ALL my streaming through a high spec PC to the TV via HDMI but you might be surprised to learn that even then I found a bottleneck - an older (like 5 yr old) HDMI cable and getting a V2.1 or 2.2 cable was that bottleneck cleared.

Sadly, the more tech you install in your home and the more demands you place on your devices to perform you are forever discovering bottlenecks you might never have even thought about so keeping on top of tech and all LAN and WiFi connections is vital (and maddening) and quite often the fault is NOT with your UFO broadband but the quantity, quality and modernity of the devices you are connecting up.

Just a final note. You will only EVER get the maximum connection possible from UFO (or any other broadband supplier) with a proper ethernet cabled connection of Cat6 or 7 standards with gigabit/sec network adaptors AND hubs/switches.

Nats Wallis
Old lady from York with IT skills