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Wifi Speeds

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Hello all,


I have UFO and I have an average wifi speed on my phone (hi spec) of 250mb.

My smart tv/amazon firestick (wired) has a speed of 55mb

If I create the same set up but wireless in the very same location I get the same download speed. 


Surely this can't be right?


I understand devices can all read different speeds but even at 250mb on my phone and wired connection of 55mb on the firestick that is right next to the router, this is too slow?


Any help is appreciated






Chat Champion
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Hi Ben,


As you are finding out, the 900meg speed of UFO is just too fast for quite a lot of equipment.  Your firestick isn't built for really fast speeds as quite frankly it doesn't need to.  A netflix 4k UHD steam only requires 25meg.


Do you know what generation the firestick is?   if the WiFi on it only goes to 2.4ghz rather than 5ghz it will be a lot slower on wifi.


When I run a speedtest on 2.4ghz on my laptop I only get 65meg download and 55meg upload. However, if I run it on 5ghz I get 572meg download and 390meg upload so you can see the difference immediately.


If I hardwire my amazon firestick (quite an old one, maybe three years old) I only get 70meg download and 40meg upload.  However, my 4k firestick from 2019 goes at 316meg downoad and 246meg upload just using wifi.    Maybe your firestick is the same generation as my old one?


I would point out that I have never used the TalkTalk router though, I use an Asus WiFi 6 router which is very fast.   I have a few friends who still use the TalkTalk router and have no problems with Wifi and can get about 300 to 400 meg from it, if they are in the same room.


Interestingly I have server hard wired into the router and if I use firefox for the speed test the speeds are around 600 to 700meg and yet if I use the Brave browser instead I get 1.1gig (using


Is there a particular reason you want the firestick to have faster download speeds?