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Both Wi-Fi and Wireless connection dropping out!

Team Player

Hi Chris


I have done the speed tests and with one computer connected to the router 21mbps with all connected wired and wireless 21.8mbps, it stayed that way for 3 days, I asked for longer to monitor it and will be getting a call back this Friday, however it is done to 4 - 8.2 this morning.


So I am right to delay saying it's fine, this is a pattern that we get 21mbps that lasts for short periods the longest is 2 months since Christmas.


Up until 2017 we were getting 36mbps for more than 2 years without any drop at all, after September 2017 it has dropped constantly and we have had more than 20 engineers out, all have said that there is nothing wrong with the line or equipment, they have blamed the router on several occasions which we changed each time and this has made no difference.


Some engineers have said that my profile has been changed and on resetting it works fine, but not for long!  is this what is happening?   

Team Player

It is back at 20mbps both wired and wireless!!  It has been 3 days 8 hrs 33 mins since the router disconnected.


Don't know what to say?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Monte


Apologies for this.


Is the router still connected at the test socket? I can then pass this back over to our Network Team.