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Ethernet connection to power line adapter

First Timer

Hi there, I’ve currently got a power line adapter connected in our TV room so that I can run an Ethernet cable from it to my skybox (router is in a different room). This is all working fine and I have 4 green lights on the adaptor. I also have a AV receiver in the same room which was connected wirelessly, but since the UFO installation, this keeps losing connection. I’ve now tried to plug a second adaptor in to the mains and run an Ethernet cable from this to the AV receiver. Even though I’ve paired the 2nd adapter with the transmitter, I can’t get the second light down to come on (all the other 3 are on).

 Is this because you can only have one adaptor running with an Ethernet cable or am I doing something wrong? Technical support on the phone is very poor (other issues going on as well with cloud check which I’ve posted separately). Cheers for any help!

Community Star

Normally you can have more than one unit paired with the one at the router, but without knowing what make/model of PLA that you have, I have no idea what each of these lights signify. The wireless connection when used could be suffering from Wi-Fi interference. I can help with this as well if required.

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