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FTTP packages and prices

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Anyone use Talktalk FTTP services via Openreach lines?

FTTP already available in my property, but via Live Chat can't get any information about FTTP packages.

If anyone use Talktalk FTTP - please let me know how much you pay per month.

Openreach website shows that I can order Ultrafast broadband from BT, EE and few more providers, but no Talktalk in the list:

UFO Customer

This section of the forum is dedicated to UFO (York).


UFO is technically FTTP, but is provided by "City Fibre".


You may get a better response on a different forum section, as UFO does not use Openreach at all.

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Hi @baltutis 


TalkTalk will continue to roll out its UFO full-fibre service to York and via Fibre Nation to Harrogate, Knaresborough, Dewsbury and Ripon.


Outside of areas where Fibre Nation will provide full-fibre service the TalkTalk CEO said on 17 July that TalkTalk would be ready to resell Openreach FTTP products this Autumn. 


We're just coming up to the start of Autumn, on 23 September 2019, and Autumn this year ends on 22 December.  There are no official launch details or prices at present.


The only information we have seen in Community is that the launch of Openreach FTTP products via TalkTalk is likely to be nearer to the end of Autumn than the start and also that the launch will be limited. Implies that, just like the launch, the FTTP services will be available from specific exchange areas at the start of FTTP offers and gradually roll out over time.


I'm sure there will be press releases and maybe Blogs to let us know more in due course.

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To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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Thank you for answers.

Hope Talktalk soon disclose FTTP pricelist.

UFO Customer



Where are you located?

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Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Post code BT74

UFO Customer

Again, the issue I guess is the confusion with this Talktalk forum and the layout.


This section is really for UFO which is a system that is FTTP in York UK, which is nothing to do with Openreach at all so no connection to Ireland.