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Huntington availability

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I'm moving house from one property in Huntington that has UFO to a new property in Huntington. The new property is a house and when I type in the postcode on UFO page it says it is not available even though streets around it do have UFO (and it has 30+ houses so can't be considered a small street)


Similarly when I try to find alternative fibre in the postcode it says none are available.


Am I right in thinking that installation in Huntington is over so if it hasn't arrived now it won't arrive at all in the future given they've moved out of installing in Huntington?

Community Star
Hi Paulspade, I suspect your new postcode hasn't hit the databases yet? I don't know the solution so have flagged your post for assistance.
Good luck in your new home.
Regards Divsec, I don't work here, know little, and have too many opinions.