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Increasingly frustrated

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Just an update to others that are following, spoke to OCE complaints lady (Charlotte) who appeared to be very accommodating, I got the impression the had exhausted all avenues in trying to resolve my slow evening speeds not that I could see that anything was actually tried apart from Openreach attending to check my line.


She offered to send a bright spark engineer I said there would be no point unless he could stay for the evening which is when the issues occur. I was then asked what do I actually want ? I said 

for the speeds to be consistent 24/7 and throughput not to drop to dial up speeds.

At no point was I offered any financial compensation therefore I requested the option to leave without penalty 5 months into my new contract. This was agreed to without any debate which surprised me and was happy to confirm that would be my intention.


I have this evening signed up to a new provider and will no doubt return to TT once they have resolved their obvious current crisis and do feel for their staff as I know they are fighting a downhill battle, the sooner they provide FTTP to customers the better as FTTC is struggling to cope with the current demands and TT would be better off not hiding this in fear of financial losses.Honesty is the best policy, admit the infrastructure is struggling during peak times instead of the BS of wifi congestion, too many devices, wrong type of ethernet cable, damaged master socket etc etc. Offer compensation it would go along way towards customer retention others do ! Oh and Cheap tech support with scripts just makes customers blood boil, my issue never got resolved nor think they had any intention of getting it resolved due to cost.

I was never offered the option to reset the line which I know has helped in a lot of cases not sure why unless there is cost for Openreach to undertake this. Rant over and thank you community staff for escalating the issue.








Team Player
PS This took 10 Weeks to get to this stage !
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Just an update for those that were following the post, I have been with BT a week now and have no experience of the poor download speeds in the evening and get a steady 36MB throughout the day with pings to gaming servers regularly around 10ms. The whole family is very happy that I reluctantly made the change.


Just goes to prove the issue was with Talkltalks server / capacity during peak times.


I all my frustrating chats and delays have gone away overnight.


Regards and take care all !