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Moving house, sky and talktalk argh.

UFO Customer

Hiya peeps


This is not a rant at Talktalk as such as they have been great in the past helping with anything to do with my UFO connection etc.


But (yeah, sorry), just what am I supposed to do when I move house from one UFO property to another property with UFO and getting it moved... problem being that Sky are currently in control of the connection, It's been nigh on six weeks since we moved now and have been trying to get the connection changed over.  Talktalk tell me that they can not take the line over until Sky disconnect it (and I get a red light on the box in the house saying so) but sky refuse to talk to me and get it disconnected as I am not the account owner of the person who lived at the address previously (and yes, he (previous owner) has told them he has moved and the service is no longer required and needs disconnecting).  It was supposed to go dead on the 16th of March from what Sky told him last time he contacted them.


The only 'good' thing from this is that his connection is still live and my talktalk box plugged in has connected to the sky service so I do still have internet in the property. Problem is I don't have a clue who is paying for this connection as he is disconnected as far as he knows, Sky don't have any of my details.


Sounds stupid but I just want to get my Talktalk connection reinstated and actually pay for the connection and not be in this limbo as it is at the moment.


Very frustrated so far (and don't even get me started on Sky's abysmal service, not one person seems to have a clue what they talking about when I try to get any sense from them!)


Anyone got any experience with trying to get through to Sky? (weirdly they are happy to sell me their services..._

Community Team

Hi stomuk,


I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I've included a Help Article below which contains more info on the UFO home move process. It may also be worth contacting our UFO Team directly via LiveChat to look into this for you.


Moving home with UFO




UFO Customer

Hiya Michelle



Thank you for the reply, don;t worry.. I have been in touch numerous times over the last month or so regarding this and there is now 'light' at the end of the tunnel thank fully. I think I was more venting if anything at the time I posted this to see if anyone else has had problems. Turns out, as I suspected that there were issues on Sky's end with disconnecting which as far as I know has now been resolved so fingers crossed I'll get back online with you guys shortly 🙂


Thank you again 🙂

Community Team

Hi stomuk,


Ok thanks for the update 🙂




First Timer

Sky will not communicate with you as you are not the account holder, that would be a breach of all their privacy laws. No one but the account holder can get an account cancelled.To resolve this quicker you need to contact the landlord of the property and get him to contact the previous tenant, as landlord it was their responsibility to make sure your property was in full working order. The other option is to get a new line put in, talk talk should have informed you of this.