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Outage in York

First Timer

What’s the problem and when will it be fixed?

UFO Customer

Think you are incorrect regarding York as a whole "Outage", no outage here in York for myself.


Else, I couldn't do this reply using UFO, which I have just done!

Conversation Starter

No problem here in York either.


In fact, my internet has never gone down since it was installed nearly two years ago.


OP - what has happened?   do you have lights on the white TalkTalk modem etc?

Community Team - TT Staff



I'm sorry to hear this. Have you contacted our UFO Team directly?




First Timer

Is the UFO worth it ? is it quick ?

I'm in Clifton Without and thinking of getting it.


Thank you 

UFO Customer

I have had UFO since it was launched, was actually a beta tester of UFO before it was officially rolled out in York.


During the testing phase, I had a couple of outages, to be expected as it was testing stage and I wasn't paying for it during testing.


It is VERY reliable and fast, you will love it. I am in Rawcliffe so not far from you, and I never get any slowdowns. It is far more reliable and faster than my old ISP which was C&W/Virgin.


Since it was officially launched after the testing phase, I cannot recall any outages or issues here.


Whizz Kid



Each users had different needs, so only you can  decide if its worth it.  But I pay the same for UFO as I would do for normal fibre  (FTTC) once my current contract expires.  So to me it made sense to lock in for the same price, for  24 months, and getting a much faster connection.


I have not tested the speed to the Router, but around the house on WIFI  from Router to Device I typically receive 400mbs (before that was about 8mbs).     Software updates to my mobile also happen in seconds as opposed to minutes.   Its also made a great difference to working at home when using OneDrive,  or Teams videocalls.    Maybe look at what you are paying now and what you use it for before committing.  

First Timer

We have frequent drop outs, from a few seconds to half an hour, in Osbaldwick.


I don't know whether it is a flaky TalkTalk router or the service itself.  It seemed to improve a bit using an old Virginmedia router.


I have ordered a decent TP link router, if still have problems then we will know it is the connection.  At present, I am hoping it is just the normal rubbish router that ISPs provide.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @rjo103


Please can you create your own topic on the Community, we can then look into this for you.