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Slow UFO speeds

First Timer



I got my ufo installed last friday and while it's faster than my previous service I cannot get any speed test to show a speed anywhere close to that advertised.


On the morning of installation they were able to get a speedtest of around 300mb and said "it's probably an issue with the test server".   That evening speeds dropped to around 150mb and have been fairly constant there no matter what server I choose.  Mainly using TNP and KCOM. 


Test is being done over WiFi using a Pixel 2 XL and a Galaxy S7.  Both show consistent results.  Laptop wired connection has a max speed of 100mb and only a 2.4 ghz card so can't test the 5G there.


Tried the router in various locations in the sitting room and this makes no difference to the speed tests

First Timer

 Tested with the PS4 and hot 500mb, guessing that was the server limit, so my best guess is some sort of WiFi issue.