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First Timer

Hi all,


I've had a leaflet through the door to say Ultra fast fibre is now available on my street. I've had an Openreach ONT for installed for around 2 years but never took up a service provider with it To be honest, it couldn't have been more timely as my current contract is coming to an end with another ISP. 


When I go to the website on the leaflet it says there is a problem with the availability checker. Not off to a great start for a potential new customer 😉

I then phoned the number to see what I could get. Apparently it's 500 down 75 up.. so it's not the full 900.


Reading the forums here, I'm a little concerned about signing up. There seems to be a lot of negative posts. Whilst that is not unusual by all means for most ISP forums. I'm hoping to get some real feedback. I work from home full time with two kids so as you can imagine if the BB were to be totally unreliable I'm going to be up the river without a paddle. 😂


I have some burning questions that I am hoping someone might be able to help me with:

  1. Would you recommend TalkTalk FTTP? Is it stable and reliable? Are there any positive posts out there?
  2. I don't think it's OpenReach they use is it, it's City Fibre? The reason I ask is that BT wholesale says I can only get max 300 up 30 down, most other FTTP providers do too so I'm trying to understand why TalkTalk is different (I've tried to get BT to investigate this for some time and it's not gone anywhere). Do City Fibre have a wholesale checker? 
  3. Is the availability checker being down normal? I have been trying for the last several says. Whilst yes I spoke to someone on the phone it is just something I like to do - gives you information to back up what you're told on the phone so you're not being over charged if it is cheaper on the website.
  4. Does the router support Wifi-6? Could you if you chose to use a different router other than the stock supplied one?
  5. Can you router be put into modem only mode? I currently use a Netgear Orbi Mesh system. I can do with this my current VM router so that it just comes a modem and Orbi picks up the router job. 
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Hi Stins,

Firstly, is it definitely a UFO leaflet you have had through your door? Do you live in York?

When you phoned, did you ring the dedicated UFO phone line (I think it is 0800 542 8073)

As far as I know the only package on UFO is 900 mbps up and 900 mbps down.

To answer your questions :

1. I've had TalkTalk FTTP for the last 10 months and it has been very very good. I've not had any problems at all and it is very very fast. Don't forget you're reading the forum where you mainly have people with issues, no doubt there are thousands of us who have no issues at all.

2. York UFO was a collaboration between Sky, Talktalk and CityFibre in 2015 (I think). Sky dropped out and sold their equity to TalkTalk (Sky charged about £60 a month and TalkTalk £27.50, I wonder why no-one went with Sky?). Talktalk have since also bought out CityFibre and it is now run by FibreNation which is wholly owned by TalkTalk I believe.

3. The availability checker wasn't very good when I was trying to sign up. I kept trying and it eventually worked and I got it installed. I spoke to the UFO dedicated line and he couldn't believe I'd ordered through the website - it was the first he came across as usually every order came over the phone from leaflets put through everyone's doors.

4. The router is pretty rubbish I'm afraid and doesn't have WiFi-6. When I got it last year, you couldn't even reserve IP addresses on it. I replaced it with a Asus RT-AX92U which is WiFi 6. I bought an Intel WiFI 6 card for my laptop and regularly get 70MB/s from upstairs which is pretty amazing really (the router is downstairs).

5. The ONT is a modem which connects to the router and works fine. The RJ45 cable from the ONT goes into the WAN port of my Asus router and I connect using "automatic IP" on the router itself and it' worked fine for the last 10 months.    You don't have to use the TalkTalk router at all (mine is in a box - you need to keep it as if you have problems they always ask you to connect the TalkTalk router as they don't support third party ones).

Hope this helps


UFO Customer

I agree with Peter


If you have been quoted speeds of 500 down and 75 up, then you have not been quoted for actual UFO.

UFO Customer

Just to add to stins questions.


1. Yes, fully recommend UFO in York, very reliable, fast and cheap, I did have a fibre modem issue which was replaced quickly a few years ago, I was originally a tester of the service before it was rolled out so been using UFO from day 1.


2. Yes, UFO uses a separate fibre network, nothing to do with openreach, also no line rental, phone line is voip.


3. No idea how effective the availability checker is, as pete suggests, try the dedicated phone number


4 and 5, I sacked off the supplied router quickly, it has been in it's original box for several years. I'm using 3 Asus routers with merlin firmware, works great.


Hope this helps.

First Timer

Thanks so much for your feedback I truly appreciate it, there are definitely positive experiences! 😊👍


@peteb99 the number I called was 0800 049 6253

The URL on the leaflet is

Do you pay 27.50 for the 900mbps package if you don't mind me asking? I did see this advertised on a different page to the link above. I was quoted 39.95 for 24 months... which I thought was reasonable but if is it 27.50 for the 900 it's a bit pants 😂


Had similar problem with BT, this is who I was looking at before. They're offering 300 down 49 up for 49.99 a month. Their 900mpbs is a couple of quid more and have read you can get it for the same price if you get a nice sales person.


@joeyboswell apologies, I made the connection of New Ultrafast on the leaflet with UFO. Is what I've been offered different? I'm presuming a new product or simply because it's an Openreach ONT/line they've purchased wholesale from Openreach compared to Fibre Nation for York? Does it need to sit in a different forum? 


What Asus routers are you both using if you don't mind me asking? 

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Hi Stins,


Yes, Ultrafibre is a new offering through TalkTalk which uses the Openreach network.  It is a brand new service that only launched in July I think.   There is a bit here about it -


As Talktalk own the whole of the UFO network they set the price and speed which is significantly different to Openreach.


My router is an Asus RT-AX92U.  While it's functionally is great, it does get very very hot and I have had to point a fan directly at it so I don't really recommend it.



UFO Customer



Just out of interest, where did you read that Talktalk has bought Cityfibre?


I have done some googling and found the opposite, in that Cityfibre has bought fibrenation from Talktalk?