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UFO York - About the installation

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Hi, from all the information I've seen, it seems to be serverely lacking in what the 'in home' installation entails?. What 'box' is installed, how big is it and I presume it needs to be powered. Does it sit near the master socket? Do you still need a master LJU? I presume you keep the super router and plug it in to the new box.So many questions! Are there any pictures of the box anywhere? Thanks

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Ahh, seen answer to most of the above but just still wondering about the box dimensions and an image if available? Also does a UFO LJU replace the existing master?


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Hi Greadman 


Here's the UFO Port with a wired up telephone socket that'll give you an appreciation of the size of the wall mounted box.  The voice service is delivered via the UFO Port. Yes, it's mains powered and the unit on the right is the power and battery back-up pack to keep the 'phone working even if there's a power fail.


UFO Install.png

 Gondola - Community contributor

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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Hey @Greadman 


Welcome to the community and thanks to @Gondola  for the pic and advice, Not much left for me to say really however I do have some additional images which may help, also check out our new UFO Support Hub which has just gone live, if you have any feedback about it we'd love to hear. 


ufo2.pngExternal box getting installedufo3.pngexternal box, ready to goufo1.pngInternal box

I've also just tweaked the title of your post to help others searching for the same answers 🙂 

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Seen that BBU many times on the old huawei and eci openreach modems