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UFO installation

First Timer

I have delayed having my drive re-paved for over a year, expecting UFO installation, which never seems to happen. I've finally decided to go ahead with the work. The contractors say they can install a conduit with a draw rope to enable the fibre to be installed whenever the UFO finally lands. Could someone please get in touch with me to arrange a brief visit by a surveyor to advice the contractors where they should fit the conduit?


There does not seem to be an email contact and the call centre were no use, which is why I have had to use this medium.



Community Team

Hi David,


I'd recommend contacting our dedicated UFO Team directly as they will be able to advise you further on this.


  UFO Support Team 




UFO Customer



As UFO/City Fibre just installs down the path, it is important to think about how it gets routed down your drive.


I feel your contractor has given good advice by offering to provide a channel with a guide rope.


When I had my install, it appeared fine at first, they routed the fibre under my drive paving. After a few months, my paving was a right mess and slabs moving all over.


I have only recently fixed the issue by re-laying my slabs and adding proper sand and gravel where needed. The fibre cable was literally 2 inches below my drive paving, not impressed.