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WIFI problems with HG635 router


I want to share my problems with wifi in my home. I have had a HG635 router for a number of years and was having no problems with the wifi.up to  about a month ago I then started having wifi drop outs. My main desktop is connected by cable and had no problems. I logged a fault and the tech answer was to change the channel. Trying this about 4 times did not sort the problem. I live in a sparsely populated area and my nearest wifi neighbour is over 50m away and I do not see his wifi on the wifi analyzer app. The firmware is v1.14.

On friday and Saturday I could not connect at all on my 2.4 channel and could not see my security cameras, Alexa not connecting, and tv wifi connection also not working even after multiple reboots.

I managed to get hold of a new HG635 router that was surplus from a friend- new in its box. I then installed this and magically everything reconnected without a problem. It has firmware v1.13. 

I went into the router and have switched off remote management in the hope that the firmware will not update.

Has anyone got any idea if the v1.14 firmware could be the cause of my problems on the old router? When did the V1.14 come into effect?

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Hi Werdna, I would guess the old router is just that old and starting to fail. I have one myself and it did exactly the same. I no longer use it.

If Talk Talk offer to replace it I suspect you will receive hg633 (perfectly adequate} but the 635 is better when working!

Either way your post has been flagged for assistance.








Regards Divsec, I don't work here, know little, and have too many opinions.
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Hi werdna88,


Would you like us to send a replacement router for testing purposes? This would be either a HG633 or the 3782 router.





At this stage the router I got from a friend seems to work very well. A few years ago I had a HG633 and I got 25% less download speed so I will stick with the new one I was given. What upsets me is that I must have had more than 6 discussions with Talk Talk help and  they never offered a replacement. I think on my second call they suggested I contact all my perifiral connection suppliers to get them to sort!  Imagine me phoning HTC, Lenova, my security camera supplier and LG tv to see if they could help.

Bt are about to give FTTP to one of my neighbours, supplied off the same pole as I am, perhaps I can get the same fibre to premises as the cable was put in place last week. Pity that Talk Talk cannot offer FTTP!

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Hi werdna88,


I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the help you received from our Customer Services team. If you do experience any further problems just let us know and we'll be happy to help


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That’s interesting as I’m experiencing the same issues in the last month after several years with no issues. I’m off to check the firmware now

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Hi @Charliehaines


Please can you create a new thread, we can then look into this further.