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Being charged for a cancelled engineer visit

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I have been advised to start a new thread here regarding the above. To expand on the issue at hand.


Because of an issues with missing Sky Channels TalkTalk booked one of their engineers to have a look at my TT box for Thursday the 5th of November. The engineer rang me on Wednesday to confirm the appointment time. However, I told him that fortunately the missing Sky Channels had returned the day before. He told me that now the channels were back again there would not be any need for him to come and would cancel the appointment.


The following day I got the following text message from TalkTalk:-


"TalkTalk 05/11/2020 14:31:25 TalkTalk Update: We understand that the engineer appointment you made did not take place today. As we explained when the appointment was made, we do unfortunately have to charge £65.00 if an appointment is made and the engineer is unable to access the property to complete their work. This charge will appear on your next bill. To book another appointment, please call us on 0345 172 0050."


I was never informed about the terms & conditions, and these charges or given any explanation as to what could happen other than that there could be a £40 charge for the visit. When I showed surprised that there was a £40 charge for the appointment, I was told that the £40 charge for the visit would not apply in my situation because I was shielding and was considered to be in the vulnerable/ at risk category.


When speaking with the engineer on the day before the appointment he and I found that the appointment was not necessary, and given the new Lock Down being in force on the day of the appointment, and me shielding, he decided to cancel the appointment. He did give me his telephone number and asked me that if overnight the problem with the channels reoccurred to give him a call in the morning, but this was not necessary. However, he did call me at 12:08 the following morning, 5th of November.


I have spoken with TT Customer Services about this, but was told that they could not do anything about this, and that when I received my next bill and the £65 appears on it then, it is up to me to challenge this. This I find not acceptable and should have been dealt with when I called.


However, If this charge does appear on my next bill then I will, after having been with TalkTalk for over 20 years, sadly be forced to reconsider all my contracts with TalkTalk.


Please see the original thread of the missing Sky Channels:-


Can someone please help me with this. I look forward to having this issue resolved soon.




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Your failure to acquaint yourself with the T&Cs is not an excuse really. Why did you not contact TalkTalk to cancel the appointment as soon as you knew it was no longer necessary? That would have avoided all of this. 

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Thanks for posting on this board,  @Bruno20.


Staff should reply early next week. There can be a backlog after the weekend, so best not to post further till they respond. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Bruno20


I can investigate I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Bruno20


There is a charge pending for £30 ready to be applied to you next bill in December. There is no way to stop this being applied, however if you post back when your December bill arrives I can clear it off the balance.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

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Dear OCE_Arne,

Thank you for looking into this. I sorry to hear that nothing can be done about this at present. Is it not possible to anticipate the December charge by crediting my account for this now.


Anyway, if this is not possible then, as you advise me, I will contact you again in December when I have received my bill.


Please let me know either way.


Kind regards,


Community Team - TT Staff