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Billing problem

First Timer

Hello Im new here so hope someone can help. Im supposed to be a Talktalk priority customer but today has been a nightmare. I came home from hospital yesterday to recuperate after 10 days suffering with Covid and its effects . I got up this morning to find my service restricted . My bill was supposed to have been paid on the 5th I think on a payment promise. Because I wad in hospital I hadn't transferred any money into my DD account so it went unpaid .Any call to talktalk I find so difficult but today even more so with the headache and pain were so bad.

But I got through eventually and after going through security explained to 

advisor that I had just made my payment through the automated service and asked him to lift the restriction on my account . He asked how much I paid and I told him it was the promised amount £31 . He said he would check and after perhaps a minute told me the payment hadn't gone through . I said it had gone through and so he said he would contact another dept. or person . I waited again and he came back and asked me for my transaction number which I hadnt written down partly because of my extreme headache,  I just wanted him to restore my service . He said he had to have the transaction number to make a missing payment claim that would be investigated and until then my service wouldnt be restored .

I was feeling the effects of my painkillers by this time and just wanted to lie down . He asked me if I had checked with my bank ? I said well no I hadnt as he had only just told me it hadnt gone through, and anyway I had no internet so couldnt get online . He told me to phone my bank and check with them if the payment had gone through and they would need transaction numbers etc as proof I had paid or the bar would remain . By now I felt so ill I said I am a priority customer why would I tell you I paid if I hadnt when you can check it yourself ? .To which he repeated he was sorry but until this was paid the bar remained. I told him then my student daughter had to have the internet working as she was at home studying and looking after me . He said - the same thing again I said ok I will have to pay again and get the money back or if it hadnt gone through the service would be on for her. Then he told me it wasnt £31 now another bill had been produced so it was £51 !! 

I had given up then just wanting to lie down , ok I said take it,  mentally 

wondering if I had enough money left if the first payment had gone through as my benefits don't go that far , but after the long process of trying to read the swimming numbers on my card he said Thank you your payment has gone through here is your transaction number xxxxx

Of course when my service came on later and I rang the bank they confirmed that both the payments had gone through and I was left with £6 in my account . I am desperate for the return of my money £31 which is a lot to me , its groceties for the next 5 days . I cant face another phone call so sent in all this on a contact enquiry form . But can anyone get this done very quickly for me please ? I am a vulnerable disabled customer with £6 left in my account and need this amount refunded asap please ? 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Cat58,


I'm really sorry to read about what's happened here. 


Can you please update your community profile to include your:
    • Name
    • Telephone number
    • Alternative contact number
We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated. 



First Timer

Hi I’ve done as asked belatedly but I’ve been ill for a while again . I hoped this would have been resolved by now but no, still no refund despite telling the advisor I was desperate for the money to be refunded as it wasn’t what I owed .

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Cat58


Sorry that you had this issue.  


The refund was processed on the 12th, can you confirm that you have it now?