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I need to go into my account, i have gone through all the reset motions to no avail, always asking for link to be sent to an email linked to my talktalk account when first set up many years ago,  Never found SO would like to be given a NEW email to be attached to my account.

is this possible? surely it is. it can't be this difficult in this day and age?


evangel1 @Gondola @OCE_Ady 


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Hi @evangel1 


Have you tried the Forgotten email address link when trying to sign in to MyAccount?


MyAccount Login - forgotten email address - Jul2020


That will take you to a screen where you enter the account holder details. Normally, you'll have registered a mobile number so when your details are found on the system you'll get a text message on the mobile. That text message will give you the registered email address and a link to log in to MyAccount.


Once in to MyAccount you'll be able to create a new email address and select that to be the new MyAccount login.


Managing your email in My Account

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@Gondola HELP TO ACCESS TO MY ACCOUNT Thanks for reply, i have tried this options a number of times using all the emails i could remember, [ by the way i did not have a mobile phone back then]

it takes me to, we have found no details of your account,

then it takes me, you could register.

when i fill out my details out, it says ERROR unable to complete this request. urrrgh!

This is going round in circles, the question i have been asking, IS

quite simply can you help me set up a New email for my account for me? yes or no? why is so hard.

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If there's no mobile linked to your Customer MyAccount and you don't get any billing notifications by email then you've not got a self-help option to recover access to your MyAccount.  So Customer Services are the ones to contact to identify your account, verify your identity and set up an external email address as the MyAccount login.


TalkTalk support options are here: Contact us.  Try LiveChat or Messenger on the MyTalkTalk mobile app. Text messages only to the LiveChat agents can be sent to 07403 941724.


Calls to Customer Services on 0345 172 0088 are free from your TalkTalk 'phone (9am to 7pm - 6pm Saturday)


For calls to Customer Service agents from a mobile, call 0203 441 5550. When calling TalkTalk the automated phone service will ask for a mobile number if you'd like to continue your call via text message. You'll get a text and you reply with your question and the support team will answer.

TalkTalk support via LiveChat is here: Our LiveChat team.  Wait for the button to appear - Blue button for Chat now; Purple button when LiveChat is busy; Grey or no button when LiveChat is offline.

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To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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Hi  @evangel1


Can you try and re-register using the email address in you community profile. 


Any problems let me know.