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Turns out I'm paying Talk Talk & BT


I'm currently paying TalkTalk £29 per month for Broadband & Calls package and I'm paying BT £27  per month for unlimited evening/weekend calls package - need someone from TalkTalk to check if my TalkTalk package includes line rental as I'm sick that this has passed beneath my radar for ages 😞 Thing is when I dial 151, I get BT call service menu so I'm confused by this. BT are an absolute shambles of a company - cant even get through on phone to them.  If I can dump BT then I'm doing it - shocker of a company they are - thanks in advance!

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Line rental is automatically built into your Broadband package,  @Kokotoni84.


Something very odd going on for you there!


Please complete your community forum profile details for TT staff to identify your account. Make sure you put in your Talktalk landline phone number. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; Profile Wizard. 


Forum staff reply during the day Monday to Friday. 


Thanks for the quick reply,Gliwmaeden2


I've completed my community forum profile details with my name,home landline number etc to identify my account. So it seems I've been paying B.T. for my phone package AND line rental all the time while I've been paying talk talk for my broadband package which included line rental. Great. My fault though as I  did use B.T. phone package service but I've no need for B.T. home phone package now as I now have permanent mobile phone contract. So I can just cancel my whole B.T. package and my landline broadband talk talk connection will remain unaffected? Would I still have the use of my landline phone  with my B.T.number? Nice one B.T., thanks for telling me.Very very sneaky of them.  I do hope you get back to me quickly! Thanks in advance!

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Have you signed up for My Account,  @Kokotoni84?


You should be able to see your Talktalk landline number as well as your fully itemised bill in there.


Best to wait for forum staff to reach your thread in the next couple of days or so. They reply from Monday to Friday. 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @Kokotoni84


Your service with us is Broadband only,  So I would suggest calling our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 18:00pm) on 03451720046 or try our Live chat service 


And they can place a new order to transfer all the service over to us.








   Thanks for your reply. My service at £29 per month with talk talk is indeed ADSL broadband but does this mean I'm also paying talk talk for line rental too?  because I'm definitely still paying B.T. for line rental - it states this on the bill they send me. Obviously if my broadband with talk talk also includes line rental then I no longer need B.T. at all -( what's the point in paying them line rental too? )  and I'll cancel everything with them, Thanks again in advance! 🙂


@Kokotoni84  you are on a very old package, you pay BT for phone and line rental and TT just supply a broadband service on that line.


You have two options.


1. Move everything to BT


2. Move everything to TT


You CANNOT stay on your current TT service and just ditch BT.


You will need to take one of TT's latest products, all of which include broadband and line rental for one price.


If you move to TT, the inclusive cost of broadband and line rental should be in the low £20s and if fibre was available that should be about the same as TT are encouraging moves away from ADSL.


TT do not have inclusive calls, you can get a calls boost as an add-on with only a monthly commitment.



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@Kokotoni84 You are not paying TalkTalk for line rental, you are paying BT. If you follow the advice from @OCE_Arne then TalkTalk can takeover the line rental arrangements from BT and you should end up paying considerably less. Just tell TalkTalk that you want to switch your BT phone number to them and select the best broadband package available. 

Community Team - TT Staff



     Thanks everyone for replying - such a quick answering helpful forum it really is. Would it be possible for me to have the following package from Talk Talk :-  


    My continuing ADSL broadband unlimited monthly connection. Full Line rental and home phone usage on a pay as you go basis as I hardly ever, and I mean ever, use my home phone. I'd still like it to receive and take the odd call though? I f I can do all this with talk talk and still maintain my current landline number then I'll go 100% talk talk and cancel B.T. completely,,

                                             Thanks in advance again 🙂


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You can, absolutely no problem. That is how all TalkTalk broadband packages work i.e. broadband only with line rental included. You mention ADSL though, is FTTC fibre not available in your area? It would offer a far better connection at a similar price if you can. Or, and this is a slightly downbeat thought, are you perhaps in an area where TalkTalk do not have LLU at the exchange?