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bill and package again!

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i put up a post a couple of days ago and still no help . my bill has doubled and cant change my package and for the past 24 hours the internet keeps dropping to the point where it was every other minute and i have done everything requested . Does anyone from talktalk actually get back to anyone ? because i have seriously had enough and i am looking for another provider unless my problems get resolved . A service that is promised has not been kept! my bills doubled! with no notifcation of it changing! and i been a loyal customer for a long time! Can anyone help before i actually change providers

Karen Lodge
First Timer

My bill has also nearly doubled and  have had no notification of this.  I to cannot get in touch to find out why this has happened as I am on a fixed rate plan until July 2020!!  I am a loyal customer but for how much longer I don't know!  You cannot even cancel anything at the moment either!!  Good luck!!

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi magsjarvis


I can see that you have renewed since your post. 


Apologies for the delay in responding as you can imagine the community has become very busy of the last few weeks, we are trying our best to get to every post as quick as we can. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused

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im not trying to sound stupid here but i have renewed what? i see my bill hasnt changed. I have asked to go on a cheaper package same to the one i had before. i have had no email to say it was being changed in the first place! i cannot simply afford the amounts u have charged me twice for. Hence why i need the other package. are you going to put me on the new package ? i have been a loyal customer always paid my bill on time etc. If you are putting me on the other package when will it happen as i think 2 months is long enough time that i have waited for. in the past 2 months i have paid out basically £90 when i was paying less then £30 a month. And also to have the internet keep dropping out in those 2 months when my son needs it for his college work which he is still doing. Can you please explain what is going on and when things will change because i am not happy obviously.


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@OCE_Arne hi my problems still have not been resolved i have been waiting patiently and i need this to be resolved as soon as possible or else i will change provider ,which i really dont want to as i have been with talktalk for a very long time 

TalkTalk Social Team

Hi magsjarvis,


I'm sorry for any confusion. I've sent a PM to confirm a couple of details so we can help.




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