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If, like me, you have tried to report a scam number using this facility only to be informed "Oops. We didn't recognise that number.....", you will recognise my frustration. This morning I received a message via my answerphone advising me that I was being charged £79.99 on my Prime Account ....  I DON'T have an Amazon account of any description nor do I use Amazon. The telephone number was 013125094603. Have looked at Community posts on subject but there are so many under different headings and old posts. Why can't TalkTalk have a link on the Check and Report so that you can report these unrecognised numbers more easily and efficiently so that they can be blocked manually.

What do you think?
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@AngryNana hi have u posted about the issue u have reporting the number in the help side so the staff can help or feed it back as a site feature improvement.


If u do get calls another way round it we have and works better as block calls as they have say and press the hash key and we then get called and can hear what they said and accept just once or all the time or block if number is shown when calling or send to voicemail.

we also use gmail to still pick our emails up as there filter are better than the ones tt have had over the years


if they do not leave a name then the system does not go any more so we just see missed calls on the call display  


this is what we have

have had them for over 5 years and works fine and simple to use u can find some newer ones as they have stopped selling these now


as there is lots of calls and text and emails doing the rounds now so it can be hard for a new change like a different phone number which is short than a normal number to be accepted on the list.


as they can make it show a shorter number as it might not be there number


if u do what some help and advice just post in the help side and we other customers can help on the issue and the staff can to

i have been with tt for over 10 years and find u get the same service with any other isp u just pay more 


hope this helps