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Continue offering customers mobile services.

Submitted by FredFlintstone2 03-07-2018 | 8 Comments

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customers want mobile services.

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Continue offering customers mobile services.

customers want mobile services.

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Sorry I could not work out how to set up a new post but my question is also about the free sim card.


Is it true that nobody can now have the free sim card ?


I am on the essentials package but have been told I cannot have a free sim card.

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Hi cath20, to Start a Topic in (Mobile) Click here. TalkTalk ceased offering the Essential SIM on 13 December 2017 at the same time as offering TalkTalk customers discounted mobile deals with O2


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I have been a customer for about 15yrs and had an essentials sim. It was not being used as I needed to get a new mobile. I contacted talktalk to tell them this and asked that my service not be disconnected.


it had been disconnected though even though I was told it would not be and the replacement sim I was sent on Friday does not work.So the sim was not a new service to me it was part of my continuing package. I said I would accept a new number but was told no.

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I have set up a new post now asking if everyone to lose sim as I know some people with it who have never been informed it will be ceased with them.

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Hi cath20, to Start a Topic in (Mobile) Click here. If you had an Essential SIM but didn't use it then it automatically cancelled after 6 months.

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@FredFlintstone2 We do offer a mobile service via our ongoing partnership with o2. I can see that @Gondola has provided more info above.


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well done, TalkTalk! good response!